How to Fix If Downloaded Songs not Showing on Apple Music?

Are you a music enthusiast and like to download your music.? Then this guide is for you. In this post, I will tell you how to troubleshoot if Downloaded Songs are not Showing on Apple Music. Thanks to technology, we can stream our choice of songs, albums in the highest quality whenever and wherever we wish to. However, every time we may not get access to a stable internet connection. Hence, this will affect the streaming. So, the best thing to do is download the particular track or album for offline listening. Offline itself means no internet is required to listen to music. There is no buffering as well as ensuring a smooth listening experience.

Sometimes, things may go a little south with those tracks users download. Often they complain that the songs they downloaded are not showing in the folder it’s supposed to be found. This may happen to one particular song or all tracks that were downloaded.

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Why Downloaded Songs not Showing on Apple Music

First, let’s discuss why this issue happens on your iPhone/iPad.  The primary reason can be signing out of the Apple ID. When a user signs out, the offline tracks get removed from the downloaded folder. The solution is to sign in and then download your tracks once again.

Otherwise, we can attribute the issue to any bug caused due to an outdated system version or in the app itself. This requires checking for new updates for devices or apps installed on your iPhone/iPad.

Other than the above, there are a few more workarounds that should help in solving the issue of downloaded songs not showing on Apple Music. I have put up the same in the next section.

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How to Fix the Issue

Here we go with the troubleshooting.

Rebooting the device

One of the rule-of-thumb when it comes to troubleshooting a device is to first restart it. Sometimes due to any software update, the new upgrades that have been integrated into the system need a reboot to work. Not rebooting can cause the glitch. So, restart your iPhone/iPad and then see if the songs you downloaded are available on Apple Music.

Update your Device

Is there any pending software update that you missed out and forgot to install. Then go to Settings > General > Software Update. If any fresh update is pending, install it right away. Then reboot the device. Now, check whether the Downloaded Songs are still not Showing on Apple Music.

Back to Apple ID

  • Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store
  • If you have signed out, then there should be an option for Sign-in. Tap on it
  • Enter your respective Apple ID and Password


When you sign in only those music tracks/albums which you downloaded to Apple Music will be restored back.

Manually Download Songs

The best but slightly time-consuming solution is to download the songs manually once again onto your device.

  • Open Apple Music
  • Go to Songs folder
  • Besides each song in the tracklist, there should be a cloud icon. Tap on it to download the song.

Is Apple Music Disabled on your Device

Both Apple Music and iTunes libraries need to be enabled on the device to provide the user access to downloaded songs. It may happen that they got disabled somehow by mistake. So, the user needs to undo that.

  • Go to Settings App
  • open Music
  • Under that there should be two options Show Apple Music and Sync Library.
  • Check that they are enabled or not(toggle is green). If not tap on the toggle to enable it.

Disable Optimise Storage to fix Apple Music Error

It is the functionality that removes the downloaded songs that you do not listen to often. It does so to save storage space when the device is running out of it. Well, it’s a useful feature but for music enthusiasts, it may be a nuisance. So, the solution is to disable this feature.

  • Go to Settings > Music
  • Under the Downloads tab select Optimise Storage
  • Then tap on the toggle to grey it out that means disable it.

So, that was all about how to fix the issue of Downloaded Songs not Showing on Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad. We hope that the troubleshooting methods will help you out.

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