Fix: Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles

We all have heard the name of Logitech G Hub. The Logitech G Hub gives us the single portal to customize and optimize all the supported Logitech G Gears like Mouse, Keyboards, Speakers, and Webcams. This app is mainly for gamers who love to decorate their gears. Through this app, they will be able to put animation, different colors, commands, and much more.

By the use of Logitech G Hub, we can assign proper commands to the mouse buttons, and keyboards button through which if we click that button then that command will be executed. We can also assign proper RGB Lighting to our mouse and keyboard which will give an aesthetic look. It is one of the most essential features.

There are many features that are similar to it. And, the Switch Profile is one of them. The Switch Profile is one of the features of the application. And, by using it, We can save multiple character profiles. Through this, we can change to different characters within the game. So, we are here with the guide to fix this problem.

Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles

Fix: Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles

So, the Switch Profile works when we assign a particular command to the mouse which will work as the medium of the Switching Profile. This is mainly used when you change between characters. So, through it, you will be able to get the powers and ability which is required in the game.

But, many users have reported that they are facing issues because the Logitech G Hub is not switching the profile. So, this can happen due to many reasons. We have listed some of the reasons below.

  • Software Not Working Properly
  • Hardware Problem
  • Windows Driver
  • Windows Update

So, these were the common reasons for the problem. Now, we will mention the solution on How To Fix Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles.

Steps To Fix Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles

So, follow the steps which are given below to fix the Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles.

Restart The Logitech G Hub Application

If the switching profile feature is not working then try restarting it. And, make sure to end all the tasks from the task manager so that the app will be closed and no background processes are being done. After it, start the application and then try switching profiles while playing the game.

Restart The System

Sometimes the system also encounters some issue by which it does not lets the background processes done. So, you should also try restarting the system. In case, if there is any problem, encountered by the system itself then it will start running. And, the Switching Profile feature might also start working.

Uninstall The Software

If the problem persists, then try uninstalling it and reinstalling it on your system. Through this, if there might be some issue with the installed files, then it will get fixed.

Update Windows Drivers

Make sure you are using the latest Windows Driver because the driver can also create an issue for switching the profiles. So, update all the drivers regularly to prevent this type of mistake. Therefore, after updating drivers, again try whether the Logitech G Hub is switching profiles or not.

Windows Update

Updating your Windows regularly might help in the smoothly running of all the software. Therefore, update your Windows to the latest updates so, that all the applications can run easily without any issues. After doing this, check whether the switching profile feature is working or not.

Also, make sure that your commands for switching profiles are working correctly and confirm whether the hardware is working correctly or not.


We have mentioned all the steps which you should try to fix Logitech G Hub Not Switching Profiles. In this guide, we have also mentioned the reasons which can be there for not working of Logitech G Hub. I hope all the steps mentioned are clear to you and will be useful for you to fix this problem. Also, if you have any other solution, then do share it with us in the comment section.

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