Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List | 2024 Updated

This 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that uses real-time strategies does not need any introduction since it’s one of today’s most popular games. Also, the game has been highly successful around the globe in terms of rating and profit. Moreover, Mobile Legends is a team-based RPG game that offers to play with five heroes. Therefore, complete the campaign mode to unlock other modes that contain over 90 heroes to compete with other users.

Knowing the tier or level of the Heroes is the most challenging part of the game because there are so many. Your chances of winning increase if you select the best squad for your team. Heroes are classified into tiers based on their power, defense, damage type, and class. We have compiled a list of Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier lists, but keep in mind that this list may be subjective depending on your gameplay and strategy. We have prepared this list based on detailed research and the experience of some hardcore gamers, taking into account the characters’ popularity and favoritism.

Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List 2022 Updated

Mobile Legends Adventure Hero Tier List | 2024 Updated

In the Mobile Legends game, there are various types of heroes divided into categories like Epic, Elite and common heroes that have the ability of tank, crowd control, and healing.

However, some of us are already familiar with the hero tier list, and with the help of the latest Mobile Legends hero list. You can push the rank and aim to earn the hero card to include them in your team. So without further ado, let’s know the Mobile Legends Adventure Hero list is divided into Strongest to Weak Heros per their abilities.

SS Tier List

SS Tier represents the strongest and most powerful Heros that are rare to found, but it has one of the best and most deadly combinations. You can earn them by drawing cards or purchasing them with diamonds.

Hero Type/Class Gender  Specialty/Ability
Valir Element/Mage Male Damage/Hellfire/ Crowd control
Lolita Tech/Tank Female Crowd control/Guardian’s Bulwark/Sheild
Angela Tech/Support Female Heal/Buff/Magic
Irithel Martial/Marksman Female Damage/Strafe/Force of the Queen
Lunox Order/Support Female Revive/Damage
Shar Chaos/Support Female Control/ AoE Damage
Anna Chaos/Mage Female Damage/Debuff
Lylia Dark/Mage Female Control/ AoE Damage
Argus Dark/Tank Male Invincibility/Damage

S Tier List

Hero Type/Class Gender Specialty/Ability
Belerick Elemental/Tank Male Photosynthesis/ Durability
Lesley Tech/Marksman Female Reap/Brust
Aurora Elemental/Tank/Mage Female Control/Brust/AoE/Cold destruction
Natan Tech/Marksman Male Entropy/Damage /Control
Karrie Tech/Marksman Female Iceborne Cutter/Damage
Akai Martial/Tank Male Sheild/Crowd control/SuperPosition
Masha Martial/Tank Female Durability/Buff/Thunder Strike
Fanny Light/Fighter Female Damage/Durability/Buff
Kimmy Marksman/Light Female Damage/DeBuff/Maximum Charge

A Tier List

Hero Type/Class Gender Specialty/Ability
Alpha Tech/Fighter Male Control/Damage/Decisive Battle
Atlas Tech/Tank Male Wandering Soul/Control/Shield
Gusion Light/Fighter Male Durable/Damage/Incandescence
Estes Elemental/Support Male Heal
Harley Elemental/Support Female Control
Gord Elemental/Maze Male Damage/Buff/Energy Overflow
Calude Marksman/Tech Male Blazing Duet/Brust/Control
Zilong Martial/Fighter Male Control/Damage/Slipper Flip
Chang’e Light/Mage Male AoE/Damage/Trouble Maker

B Tier List

Hero Type/Class  Gender Specialty/Ability
Diggie Tech/Support Male Buff/Shield
Saber Tech/Fighter Male Charge/Triple Sweep
Lancelot Martial/Fighter Female Charge/Phantom Execution
Freya Light/Tank Female Durable/Damage
Thamuz Dark/Tank Male Chase/Damage
Badang Elemental/Fighter Male Damage/Sheild
Grock Elemental/Tank Male Control/Heal/Wild Charge
Kadita Elemental/Mage Female AoE/Damage/Rough Wave
Yi Sun-Shin Martial/Marksman Male Damage/Bonus

C Tier List

Hero Type/Class Gender Specialty/Ability
Lapu-Lapu Martial/Fighter Male Damage/Bonus/Brave Stance
Helcurt Dark/Fighter Male Control/Charge/Race Advantage
Moskov Dark/Marksman Male Damage/Debuff/Spear of Destruction
Hanzo Dark/Fighter Male Brust/Demon Feast

D Tier List

Hero Type/Class  Gender Specialty/Ability
Eudora Elemental/Mage Female AoE Damage/Forked Lightning
Miya Elemental/Marksman Female Control/Damage/Steller Blessing
Layla Tech/Marksman Female AoE Damage/Destruction Rush
Franco Martial/Fighter Male Control/Durable/Bloody Hunt
Hilda Martial/Fighter Female Durable/Brust/Power of Wilderness
Tigreal Light/Tank Male Control
Kaja Light/Support Male Control/Damage/Lightning Bolt
Bane Dark/Fighter Male Durable/Damage
Balmond Dark/Tank Male Behead


Here is a popular Hero list of Mobile Legends Adventure, and it may be subjective to the user. Although, You can check the detail of each Hero from various websites and choose according to your strategy. Moreover, if you are also playing the game, tell us about your favorite Hero or the best team in Mobile Legends in the comment box.

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