Mobile Legends Estes Guide | Estes Best Build and Emblem

Mobile Legends is one of the most challenging games in the market and is listed as one of the top games in the smartphone market right now. The game is so challenging and competitive in nature that you have to understand each character’s build and powers to make sure you win. One winning strategy is to master the skill of healing and Estes is just right for that.

Estes is one of the strongest healers in the game and king of the woodland elves. He specializes in regeneration sills and can heal a singular player or the whole team. Apart from this, Estes also specializes in guarding speed debuffs and area attacks. With the right planning and strategy, Estes can help you make your team members immune to enemy attacks.

Mobile Legends Estes Guide | Estes Best Build and Emblem

Mobile Legends Estes Guide 2024 | Estes Best Build and Emblem

Estes Character Story: In the western region of Moonlak lies a habitat of moon elves known as Emerald Woodland, where the elves originated. Unfortunately, the eleven kings of this place were badly injured during the plane war, causing the Moon elves to lose their guidance. One stormy night, Estes woke up from his slumber. He is a strict leader and relies on the power of moonlight to protect his people. He is determined to repel any enemy who tries to invade or conquer his homeland.

Mobile Legends Estes Skills

Estes has three active skills and a passive skill like most other heroes in-game. When combined strategically, you can make the best out of any situation with these skills.

Scripture of the Moon Elf: This will charge energy into Estes solely and when it stacks it up to 100, it will improve his basic attach 250 magic damage. And it will also deal with 125 magic damage to nearby enemies of the main target and will slow them down 60% for 1.5 seconds.

Moonlight Immersion: Estes can grant 70% of total magic power heal to himself and the rest 30% to his allies for 3 seconds. Using both parts can grant 100% healing on a singly ally and also increases physical attack. Although being far from the target will break the healing link and physical attack bonus.

Domain of Moon Goddess: Estes can drop a flood of moonlight upon enemies dealing them with 70% magic damage instantly. This mood damage will also slow down enemies by 90% when they come in contact with the flood of moonlight.

Blessing of Moon Goddess: Estes has the ability to grant nearby allies 140% total magic power heal immediately and 105% magic heal over a course of 8 seconds.

Mobile Legends Estes Skill Combo

The early gaming part of Estes is not very strong and is very vulnerable to enemy attacks. So you have to wait patiently until you unlock ultimate skill level 4 before making aggressive fights.

Since Estes is a support hero and not some fighting tank, you should not initiate team fights at any cost. Let the other fighter/XP members initiate the fight and Estes will extend the healing support from the backline.

Ester can use his Moonlight Immersion skill to check bushes for enemies without going into the bush. This can help your teammates to better spot enemies and plan their attacks.

Mobile Legends Estes Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
+ Capable of slowing the Enemy up to 90% for 1.5 seconds.
+ Very good in sustain.
– Very Squishy.
– Has no Escape Skill.
– Can’t do much damage.
– Has no skill that can stun enemy heroes.
– Slow mobility.

Mobile Legends Estes Best Build 2024

Mobile Legends Estes Guide | Estes Best Build and Emblem

You can make the best build with the following powers: Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Dominance Ice, Dreadnit Armor, Oracle, Fleeting Time.

Magic Shoes Magic Shoes will give Estes a 10% cooldown reduction. You can also use Warrior boots in this place.
Enchanted Talisman It provides +250HP and +50% magic power with +20% CD reduction. This will also help generate 155 max mana every 15 seconds.
Dominance Ice It provides +70 Physical damage, +500 Mana points and +5% movement SPD. Dominance Ice will help you to reduce enemy shield by 50% and attack speed by 30%
Dreadnaught Armor Dreadnaught Armor is savvier when fighting with enemies. You can also use the silence role or Athen’s shield for defence items.
Oracle This is a core item Estes uses which raises shield absorption and healing effect by 30%
Fleeting Time It provides +70 Magic Power, +350 Mana, and +15% CD Reduction.

Mobile Legends Estes Best Emblem 2024

Mastery: gives 1.50%/3%/5% CD Reduction.

Gift: gives 3%/6%/10% bonus healing effects.

Healing Hand: increases physical attack and magic attack by 12-40 (increases with levels) for 4 seconds.

Please note that Estes is not the strongest character in the game. There are a few characters in which Estes is powerful, but some are not much. Here are some details regarding the same:

Balmond Strong Against – Rafaela

Balmond Weak Against – Freya, Natalia, Karina, Fanny, Eudora


That brings us to the end of Mobile Legends Estes Guide 2024. I have tried covering all the important details regarding Balmond’s character in detail. It will help you to understand her powers better and will help you create the best build and emblem sets.

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