Multiversus Harley Quinn Guide: Best Moves, Perks, and Strategies

Harley Quinn is a character in the game that comes with a lot of powers and abilities. If you are thinking to use the Harley Quinn character for your next match then you should have knowledge about her moves and strategies. Because if you don’t know about her moves, perks, and powers then you will be not able to win the match. So, for winning the matches in the game by using the Harley Quinn character, you should know about the character’s power. Therefore, read the full article to know more about her moves, perks, and strategies in the game.

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Best Harley Quinn Moves and Strategies for the game

Harley Quinn is one of the fastest characters in the MultiVersus. So, using this character with the combination of speed and perks will help you much in winning the game. You might know that Harkey Quinn is a glass cannon character which means that she can move fastly. She can also deal with a lot of damage, but she can also die easily. Her fast-moving power will allow you to dodge the attacks. However, there are a lot of moves that she can perform. So, make sure to check that below.

Ground Moves

  • Whack!: It is a powerful mallet swing ability of the character.
  • Clown Combo: It is the combo of kicks and bat attacks that ends with an upward strike.
  • Slider: It is a sliding attack that can also work as a forward kick. This will give a lot of damage to the opponents.
  • Heads Up!: It is an overhead bat swing. So, when this attack is fully charged then she will hit with the bat to the opponent.
  • Stuffie Bat: This will equip and throw a bat bomb plushie. It gets attached to enemies and applies confetti on detonation.
  • Prank Shot: It is another attack in which Harley Quinn will fire a shot behind the opponent.
  • Batter Up!: It is another attack that performs an upward strike.
  • Jerk-in-the-box: It will place a bomb trap that detonates in enemy proximity.

Air Moves

  • Aerial Pummeler: In this attack, she swings her mallet on the opponent.
  • Flying Kicks: This is a kick combo that bounces the character back.
  • Confetti Grenade: It fires the confetti gun upward after applying confetti.
  • Boxing Ringer: This will fire a boxing glove below her. It is similar to a prank shot.
  • Stuffie Bat: This is similar to the ground move. But, it will also work similarly in the air.
  • Prank Shot: It is another attack in which Harley Quinn will fire a shot behind the opponent in the air.
  • Batter Up!: It is another attack that performs an upward strike but it will be done in the mid-air.

Perks List

  • Confetti Explosion: The confetti explosion changes her igniting debuff to an explosion that launches enemies in the upward direction.
  • Make It Rain, Dog!: This will increase the team’s projectile speed by 20%.
  • Coffeezilla: It provides the team with a 10% cooldown to specials.
  • Triple Jump: This is another perk that provides the third jump after hitting an enemy in the air.


Harley Quinn is a good and fastest character in the game. We will also suggest that you should use the fast speed of the character to dodge and attack the enemy. Also, use her bat to give high damage to the enemies. Make sure to use all the powers at the correct time to win the match. So, if you have some other strategies then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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