Is NBA 2K23 Really That Bad?

NBA 2K23 is one of the latest official and best-selling NBA 2K series titles by Visual Concepts and 2K Games that was recently released in September 2022. It’s available for Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch platforms. But somehow, it seems that there are plenty of mistakes or loopholes left out by the developers even after receiving so many reviews. Now, you may ask, Is NBA 2K23 That Bad?

Well, here in this article, we’ll share with you some major details and the negative details that have been picked up from the hundreds of reviews by the players & critics. We all affirm on it that even though playing a basketball game on PC or consoles is a nostalgic feeling just like a football video game, every time playing a Madden NFL or NBA title seems like the same game every year. Now, this specific feeling conflicts with most of the fans for a few years.

Is NBA 2K23 Really That Bad?

Is NBA 2K23 That Bad?

Although the NBA 2K23 title has some changes and improvements, they came with bugs that ruined the gaming experience overall. A lot of new game modes have been added to the game that can offer a new experience to the NBA lineup fans with AI improvements in some areas, which easily adapt to the players’ appetite. If we take a quick look at the popular online forums, plenty of negative reviews are available.

Talking about the Steam Community or Reddit, though the NBA 2K23 title is just two days older when writing this article, mixed and negative reviews are higher than positive reviews. As we’ve already mentioned above, there are some issues or loopholes that you can check below.

1. First, the NBA 2K titles are mostly similar in visuals and gameplay every year. Plenty of players are reporting about the same and didn’t like the presentation because there are no major changes or improvements at all. Visual Concepts and the 2K team are simply copy-pasting the title every year with a new name and some in-game changes or tweaks. Nothing else.

2. As mentioned, some improvements have been included this time, such as MyNBA Era Mode. But developers made this new gaming mode for the next-gen gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. That means it’s not available for the PC for some unexpected reasons, which seriously impacts the player’s expectations. Keep in mind that a wide range of gaming communities uses Windows PCs across the globe. BTW, PCs aren’t next-gen?

3. The lack of serious improvements and changes in the characters’ overall look also feels down to the players who have already tried out the previous generation of the NBA 2K22 edition last year. So, the same old-gen actual gameplay and visuals have been pushed hard into the so-called next-gen title without thinking about its consequences.


4. Additionally, the lack of optimization is also troubling a lot of players for the PC version where they literally get crashes, lags, stutters, visual bugs, framerate drops, etc even after using the powerful configuration with the Nvidia RTX series graphics card. It’s obviously not a huge graphics-heavy game-like action FPS title in any way. Still, having the in-game bugs or issues always counted as a negative point.

5. These days, most online multiplayer video games have anti-cheat protection inbuilt for the players to reduce cheats and hacks. The anti-cheat system always comes in handy to most genuine players by preventing bots or cheat codes or hackers during the multiplayer sessions. But the NBA 2K23 title is still out of the anti-cheat system, which is a big failure for some players.

6. Blocks need to be fixed soon. Accelerating is slower, so blocking by the defense is harder enough.

7. Noise or Cheer in the crowd is quite less.

8. The Shot Meter goes to the full bar instead of around 85% full whenever a perfect shot has been played.

9. It looks like the adrenaline resource limits combos per possession. At the same time, alley-oops are a bit tough sometimes.

10. Mostly, mid-range jumpers are more useless due to the speed boost. It feels like faster-rated players are almost unstoppable once they have a high enough rating.

11. Additionally, the lack of rebounding skill control causes issues with position and reacting to the ball hard enough. So, it’ll be better to improve the rebounding skill.

These are some commonly reported issues or negative points by the players that 2K Games should consider working in this title and from the next release. We’re hoping that the NBA 2K23 title is new right now and more fixes will be available soon. So, the negative reviews might get updated to the positive side within a few months. Make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming patch updates for sure.

That’s it, guys. We assume this article was useful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. I believe the shot meter is the hardest it’s ever been in the years I’ve played I took a break from 2k for a while and decided to come back to it but if I can barely make a 3 or mid range shot or even a close shot the bar is definitely terrible the average player doesn’t play the game to see 90% of their shots missed we come to experience a game which we can play for the love of basketball I made a dining 3 lvl scorer just to see that I can’t make any point but just get dimes this isn’t basketball when I can out score a video game character

  2. Thank you! Subodh Gupta for sharing your thoughts and prediction for 2023 on NBA. It is really helpful for all the Basketball game fans.

  3. Shooting is real choppy you’re guaranteed to miss plenty of greens. 3v3 in bridge needs better match up process I play as a center I shouldn’t be paired up to guard the opposing teams point guard don’t make no sense when they could pair it by position or height. Lateral movement straight garbage good luck trying to stay in front of someone on the perimeter. When you practice in the gym or mycourt your shots should be like in multiplayer or else it’s worthless to practice your shot because once you go to the court you look like you can’t shoot because it’s way different no matter if you got Gatorade and skill boost up.

  4. We need to strike stop buying this trash find something else to play obviously are money an points don’t matter to 2k it’s just been getting worse every year with this game there going 10 steps back every year when are we as costumers going to say enough is enough I’ve been playing since 2015 I can’t believe you can’t dribble more than two times this year in the Rec your gased even with Gatorade on I give up back to fifa an call of duty

  5. This game the worst it’s ever been. The creators of this game need to be fired. They need people that have actually played basketball in real life to start making these games. Aint no way I should be missing wide open dunks with a 96 driving dunk. Your player will just drop the ball when someone gets close to you. If someone is within 5 feet of you your shot will get trashed out. I’m a spot up 3pt shooter and my shot timing will just change speeds on me ebmven tho I got hof claymore badge gold catch and shoot. I have hof limitless takeoff gold posterizer gold slithery and it makes me do more layup animations than letting me dunk which you’ll miss 98% of the time. They need to quit putting out this b.s that caters to people that never played a single game of real basketball in their life

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