Pokémon GO: Nidoking Best Movesets, Weakness and Counters

Nidoking is one of the most exciting Pokémon out there in Pokémon Go. Nidoking has Poison Jab and Earthquake as its best movesets when it attacks the Pokémons in the Gyms. Nidoking’s movesets combinations have the highest of the total DPS, and his best moveset has the most PVP battles.

There are different types of Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game. These Pokémons are classified based on their species and characteristics. In total, there are about 18 types of Pokémons viz. Normal, Ground, Flying, Fighting, Ghost, Bug, Rock, Poison, Fire, Steel, Grass, Electric, Water, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, and Dark.

Pokemon GO: Nidoking Best Movesets, Weakness and Counters

Nidoking Best Movesets

Here is some more detail about his offense and defense:

  • Offense:
    • Poison Jab: 15 DPS
    • Earthquake: 46.7 DPS
  • Defense:
    • Poison Jab: 15 DPS
    • Earth Power: 33.3 DPS

Nidoking’s Weakness and Resistances

Nidoking is a Poison and Ground-type Pokémon. Its weaknesses and resistances are listed below:

  • Vulnerabilities:
    • Water: Gives 160% damage
    • Psychic: Gives 160% damage
    • Ice: Gives 160% damage
    • Ground: Gives 160% damage
  • Resistances:
    • Bug: Gives 63% damage
    • Electric: Gives 63% damage
    • Fairy: Gives 63% damage
    • Poison: Gives 63% damage
    • Rock: Gives 63% damage
    • Fighting: Gives 63% damage

Nidoking evolution

Players can find three Pokémon in the Nidoran Family. Nidorino can help evolve Nidoking, and it costs 100 Candy.

Nidoking is a Poison and Ground-type of Pokémon. Nidoking cannot handle water, Ice, or Psychic moves. His Earthquake and Poison Jab are very impressive. The max CP of Nidoking is 1689.

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