Pokémon Go Slowpoke Guide: Best Moveset and Counters

In this guide, we will highlight the best moveset and counters you can use to deal with Slowpoke in Pokemon Go. Slowpoke in Pokemon Go is a dual-type raid boss with a huge structure. Slowpoke has a pink color body and a pale brown mouth. It is a four-legged pokemon having a maximum of 1226 CP.

Although it looks quite powerful and is resistant to many things like fighting, steel, fire, etc., it is much easier to defeat if you know to use the right counters against it. Even a newbie to Pokemon can manage to deal with it very comfortably.

Despite its huge appearance and troublesome looks, Slowpoke has a lot of vulnerabilities like bugs, ghosts, grass, electricity, and dark. Therefore, if one knows to hit the hard point or use the best counters, one can easily defeat this tier 1 raid monster without much difficulty. However, if you cannot find them yet, you are always welcome to take some references.

Pokémon Go Slowpoke Guide: Best Moveset and Counters

Pokémon Go Slowpoke Guide: Best Moveset and Counters

Speaking of the best moveset, Slowpoke’s best moves include Confusion and Psychic. This combination comes with a DPS of 53.6 and is used in the Pokemon Gyms and PvP battles. Besides, Psyshock, Water Gun, and Water Pulse are other movesets that can do a pretty good job when dealing with Slowpoke.

Pokémon Go Slowpoke Guide: Best Counters

There are actually a good number of options that you can use against Slowpoke when it comes to counters. Below, we have mentioned some counters that you can use to get effective results while dealing with Slowpoke in Pokemon Go.

Best Bug Counter For Slowpoke

  • Pheromosa: Bug/ Fighting, Bug Bite/ Bug Buzz
  • Sceptile: Grass/ Dragon, Fury Cutter/ Frenzy Plant
  • Vikavolt: Bug/ Electric, Bug Bite/ Discharge

Best Grass Counter For Slowpoke

  • Alola Exeggutor: Grass/ Dragon, Bullet Seed/ Solar Beam
  • Exeggutor: Grass/ Psychic, Bullet Seed/ Solar Beam
  • Roserade: Grass/ Poison, Bullet Seed/ Solar Beam

Best Ghost Counter For Slowpoke

  • Mismagius: Ghost, Hex/ Shadow Ball
  • Gengar: Ghost/ Poison, Shadow Claw/ Shadow Ball
  • Haunter: Ghost/ Poison, Lick/ Shadow Ball

Best Electric Counter For Slowpoke

  • Xurkitree: Electric, Thunder Shock/ Thunder
  • Porygon-Z: Normal, Charge Beam/ Solar Beam
  • Zapdos: Electric/ Flying, Thunder Shock/ Zap Cannon

Best Dark Counter For Slowpoke

  • Tyranitar: Rock/ Dark, Bite/ Crunch
  • Hydreigon: Dark/ Dragon, Bite/ Brutal Swing
  • Luxray: Electric, Snarl/ Wild Charge


Since you have come all this way, if you have got some good experience with the different types of Pokemon, you might find this list quite baffling. And it is absolutely justified as not all the best pokemon of the different types go well with the best counters.

Yet we have made this list specifically keeping in mind all the vulnerabilities of Slowpoke. If you can manage to go with such combinations, taking down Slowpoke will be a piece of cake despite the fact that you are experienced or not.

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