Fix: OnePlus Verification Failed When Installing New Update

Getting a Verification failed error while installing a new software update on your OnePlus phone? if you are also getting the same error message on your phone, then you are not alone as many other OnePlus are also facing the same issue on their phone. Also, this is not a model-specific issue. In this guide, we’ll be going through various solutions to fix the Verification failed error on your OnePlus phone when installing a new update.

OnePlus users are getting the Verification failed error message on their phone when using the Local upgrade method to install the latest package. Usually, the company takes a couple of days to roll out the latest software update to all users. While it can take weeks to reach other regions. To cut the waiting time, many users use third-party applications, the most popular being the OxygenOS Updater to grab the update file. To install this downloaded file, you’ll need to use the Local Upgrade method, which is throwing the Verification failed error.

OnePlus Verification failed error

Many users who were trying to install the update file downloaded from the official website are also getting the same error. Why are you getting this error? What is it that you can do to fix this? This guide will answer all your questions that are popping up in your mind.

Why Am I Getting Oneplus Verification Failed Error When Installing a New Update?

The error message mainly appears due to these two reasons:

  1. You might be installing a new update that is meant for different regions. For example, if you’ve downloaded an update file that is for American users, but you’re installing that build on your OnePlus in India, you are likely to get an error.
  2. The Local Upgrade method does not support downgrading the firmware version. So, if you are trying to install an older version of the firmware, be ready to see the error.
  3. You might be installing an update file build for another OnePlus phone. If you downloaded an update file meant for the OnePlus 9 and try to install that on your OnePlus 9 Pro, probably you’ll get the Verification failed error message.

How to Fix the Oneplus Verification Failed Message When Installing New Update

Flash Full ROM File

You might be getting the error message due to a corrupted package file. Instead of installing the incremental ROM, you should flash the full ROM zip file. This might fix the Verification failed error on your OnePlus phone.

 Here’s how you can perform this method on your phone:

  1. Go to the OnePlus software upgrade website and download the full ROM file for your phone.
  2. Move the folder to the internal storage.
  3. Open the Settings app.
  4. Select System Updates.
  5. Tap on the gear icon at the top-right corner.
  6. Select Local upgrade.
  7. Select the downloaded full ROM file and tap on the update button.

Install OPLocalUpdate APK

All the OnePlus phones running Android 12 can’t use the Local Upgrade method until the phone has OPLocalUpdate APK installed on it. It was pretty straightforward to install a ZIP file, but Android 12 brought forth an additional layer of security. Click here to download the APK file.

Install the Update File via Fastboot Commands

To install the update file using the Fastboot commands, you’ll need to have an unlocked bootloader on your OnePlus phone. Use this guide to unlock the bootloader. There’s a little bit of risk associated with unlocking the bootloader. So, proceed only if you’ve some knowledge about flashing ROMs.

Now, download the Platform-tools folder on your computer. After that, extract the folder. Enter into the extracted folder and press Shift + right-click and Click the Open PowerShell window here. Now, you need to install the OxygenOS update file using the ADB sideload method. You can use this guide on how to use the ADB sideload feature.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you in removing the Verification failed error on your OnePlus phone. Share your thoughts or suggestions (if any) in the comment box.

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