Is Oppo Find X2 Neo Waterproof device?

Recently Oppo launched its all-new device Oppo Find X2 Neo. The expected price of Oppo Find X2 Neo is 60,000. Most importantly, it is not yet launched in India, so the price we mentioned is the expected price. Now, as this device is a high priced device, it is surely a durable device. But what about waterproofing? Is Oppo Find X2 Neo a waterproof device or not? We are going to provide you with all the information about it.

Oppo is a leading smartphone company from china. It is best known for its camera quality. When Oppo came to India, it ruled the offline market. Till the date, Oppo has launched many smartphones, and every device was better than the previous one. The main reason for buying an Oppo device is its rate. The user gets great features and camera quality of the flagship devices at a low price range.

Is Oppo Find X2 Neo Waterproof device?

Is Oppo Find X2 Neo Waterproof device?

A most simple way to check if a smartphone is waterproof or not is by checking the IP rating. The IP rating is an international standard by different testing companies. IP rating provides information about the durability of the device. To be more specific, if a device has an IP rating of IP68, it means it is a waterproof device.

Now, to check the IP rating of Is Oppo Find X2 Neo, we checked the official site of Oppo, but there is no mention of IP rating. It means there is no confirmation of Is Oppo Find X2 Neo being a waterproof device. As it is a high priced device, there are chances of it being a waterproof device. There are other ways to check it too. We are going to conduct a waterproof test on Is Oppo Find X2 Neo to check if its a waterproof device or not.

Before the test results, let’s have a look into the specifications of Oppo Find X2 Neo.

Oppo Find X2 Neo Device Specifications

Firstly, we are going to provide details about the display, secondly about the hardware, thirdly, about the camera and after that about the connectivity and lastly about the various extra features of the device.

Oppo Find X2 Neo has a massive 6.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels, and The device has a Pixel density of 402 PPI.

The device is equipped with a 2.4GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and Adreno 620 GPU. After that, the device has 12 GB of ram and 256 GB of internal storage. It does not have expandable storage, but it already has 256 GB Internal storage, so there is no need for expandable storage at all. The device runes on Colour OS 7, which is based on Android 10.

Oppo Find X2 Neo has 4 rear cameras. The first one is a 48-megapixel camera after that second one is a 13-megapixel camera after that the third one is an 8-megapixel camera, and lastly, a 2-megapixel camera and It has a dual-LED rear Flash. The device has a 32-megapixel front camera. This shows that it is a great camera device.

The Oppo Find X2 Neo is a single SIM device with a nano-SIM slot, and it supports 4g as well as 5g. It has a 4025 mAh battery, and it is the non-removable battery. The device supports Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging, and it has a USB Type-C slot. In addition, it also supports OTG connection. Oppo Find X2 Neo has various sensors like ambient light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass/ magnetometer, and gyroscope.

The device also has an in-display fingerprint sensor, and it is an under-display, optical fingerprint sensor. It has front and rear glass build and an aluminum frame. The available colors, are Moonlight Black and Starry Blue.

Oppo Find X2 Neo Waterproof test

To test the Oppo Find X2 Neo waterproofing, we took a bucket full of clean water. We put the device inside the bucket for 1 minute and took it out. After that, we tested the whole device in different tests, and we got the result of the waterproof test. to clarify, the test is conducted with clean water, and results may differ with other liquids.


The waterproof test results are purely based on individual/team observation. These tests will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not to try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

Here is the result of the test:

Display working fine
I/O parts no issues
Speaker distortion in sound
Mic no issue


To sum up, the device is tough, but it cannot survive for a long time in the water. Definitely, it is a water-resistant and splashproof device but not a completely waterproof device, and because of that, it is highly advisable to use it carefully around the water to prevent any kind of water damage. Clean water may not damage the device completely, but as it is not a complete water roof device, other liquids like cold drinks and tea, coffee, etc. can damage the device.

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