Power-Up Your TikTok Videos’ Impact With These 4 Steps

COVID19 has caught humanity by surprise and changed our lives completely. These changes have affected our daily lives to the extent that we no longer take for granted the things we’d used to do anymore. Anyone has their private savior and hero-of-the-hour that painted their COVID19 in a more favorable color to thank wholeheartedly. Which group do you belong to? Those who thank Netflix for existing, for one, or are you of the more spiritual kind who’s grateful for your stack of books that helped you pass the time pleasantly and escape the daily worries during this period? We belong to an altogether different group. We don’t know how we’d survive without having TikTok to rescue us from a total bore.

TikTok and the variety of content that emerges there every day and every hour are responsible for many viral trends on social media. Due to the relative ease with which a video could explode and burst with popularity, many people give the app a shot and hope their video could become the next big thing, bringing in immense numbers of TikTok likes and TikTok followers.

Our take on this, which is also the topic of this article, is why shoot in the dark when you can opt for TikTok promotion strategies that truly work.

  • Begin With A Hook


We cannot stress enough just how the first two seconds in a TikTok video are crucial for making it trending. To fully understand this principle, put yourselves in your audience’s shoes. In such a thriving sphere as TikTok, any respectable TikToker should begin their videos with a bang, namely some enticing hook convincing their viewers to keep up with the video from start to finish. Otherwise, you’ll only give your potential followers another reason to continue scrolling until they find more worthy entertainment to pass the time.

  • Find Inspiration From Those Who’ve Already Done It Big-Time On TikTok


If you’ve run out of ideas for new content, you can always check which videos are trending and upload an original adaptation for them. What’s unique in TikTok is that it’s trending videos change really from one day to the next; better ride the hype of any trend you encounter that goes well with your page’s niche, for tomorrow, it might no longer be relevant.

  • Don’t Underestimate Video-Effects


Secondly, if you’re simply looking for some way to spice-up your video’s visual appeal, we recommend browsing the effects’ list and find one you’ve never used before. Don’t forget that the lion’s share of the TikTok experience begins (and ends) with your videos’ visual front and how smooth and appealing the transition and text overlays presented there are.

  • Trial And Error Based On Others’ Success


Finally, there’s nothing wrong with absorbing inspiration from the top-rated TikTokers in your niche and taking videos they’ve uploaded for a spin, giving them your personal touch and signature. Furthermore, if you succeed in your tribute, it might lead to a fertile collaboration with the influencer at hand and be the cornerstone for a brave new relationship.

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