How To Set Up 2FA on Twitch With Google Authenticator or LastPass

Gaming and streaming are going hand in hand these days by many passionate gamers. Twitch is the playground of these guys and also million of other viewers. When a content-providing platform becomes popular it will also gain the attraction of hackers. Besides, it is not new that we hear social media accounts getting hacked by these hackers. The best way to protect any social media site is to use the 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA. In this guide, I will show you how to set up 2FA on Twitch using Google Authenticator and LastPass.

As the name suggests, two-factor authentication will verify an access request to an account from two sides. One from the password and another from a verification code sent to the cellphone of the original account owner. So, if any hacker tries to access the account of a Twitch user, then he won’t be successful. He may crack the password but for 2FA the verification code will reach the original user. So, he can change the password or take necessary actions to stay safe from hacking.

How To Set Up 2FA on Twitch With Google Authenticator or LastPass

Set up 2FA on Twitch With Google Authenticator and LastPass

Twitch recently enabled 2FA for its platform. Most importantly, users can carry out from any authenticator of their choice. So, I will explain how to use Google Authenticator and LastPass authenticator to set up 2FA on Twitch. It’s quite easy actually. You will need to have the following things to use 2FA. I have listed them below.

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  • A Profile on Twitch
  • Download Google Authenticator  Android | iOS
  • Download and install LastPass Authenticator | Android | iOS
  • A PC/laptop to work along with your authenticator apps

Set up 2FA on Twitch Profile

  • Login to Twitch
  • Click on your profile/account avatar to trigger a drop-down menu
  • In that menu, click on Settings
    Twitch Settings
  • Under Settings navigate to Security & Privacy
  • Scroll down and click on Set up Two-factor authentication
    set up 2FA on Twitch
  • Next click on Enable 2FA
    Enable 2FA on Twitch
  • Enter your phone number with country code
    enter phone number
  • You will receive a code of 6-digit that you have to enter
  • Next, you will see a dialog box with a QR code [I have blurred the QR here for security purpose]
    scan QR code and enter the 6-digit code to enable 2FA on Twitch
  • By this time you must have Google Authenticator installed on your Android/iOS device
  • Launch Google Authenticator on your mobile device
  • Then tap on begin set up
  • Now the camera scanner will open. All you have to do is point the scanner on the QR code you see on the PC screen.
  • Then your Google Authenticator for Twitch will be verified and every 1 minute a unique 6-digit code will generate on your Authenticator
  • For accessing your Twitch account you have to enter the code available at that moment on Authenticator. It will be uniquely generated.
  • Once you have successfully set up 2FA you will see the below screen with 6 emoticons. Click Done.
    set up 2FA on Twitch click Done

That’s it. how simple was that.? You even have the screenshots. So, set up 2FA on Twitch using Google Authenticator.

In this above guide, I have set up two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator. You can also use the LastPass authenticator. Keep in mind that the entire process is the same regardless of whether you use Google Authenticator or LastPass. At one time you can use only one app to authenticate for 2FA. So, that’s all about how to set up 2FA on your Twitch profile. I hope that this guide was useful.

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