Summit1G Escape From Tarkov Settings, Keybinds and Complete Setup

This guide is for the players looking out for Summit1G Escape from Tarkov Settings, keybinds, and his Complete PC setup.

Summit1G  can be considered as one of the most well known steamer and professional player. He is always adapting himself the way he needs. Summit1G, aka Jaryd Russell Lazar, is an American Twitch streamer and a former competitive player of Counter-Strike: Global offensive for professional sports teams, A51 and Mythic.

After taking retirement from competitive gaming Lazar become a well-known streamer on Twitch by streaming CS: GO and War Z. He has almost 5.3 million followers on Twitch.

Summit1G Escape From Tarkov Settings, Keybinds and Complete Setup

Summit1G Complete PC setup

GPU: – MSI GeForce RTX 2080 TI SEA Hawk X


CPU: – Intel Core I9-9980XE Extreme Edition

Ram: – Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 64GB

Storage: – Samsung 960 EVO Series 1TB,  Samsung 850 EVO 1TB (4x), Samsung 850 EVO 2TB.

Case: – Corsair Obsidian 900D

CPU Cooler: –  Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 AIO

Power Supply: – Corsair RM 1000x, 1000 Watt, 80+ Gold

Monitor: – ASUS VG248QE


Headset: – Audio- Technic ATH- ADG1X

Mouse: – FinalMouse Ultralight 2

Mouse Pad: – CORSAIR MM200- Medium

Summit1G Escape From Tarkov Sensitivity Settings

Settings Input Value
DPI 400
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Mouse Sensitivity 0.54
Mouse Sensitivity (aiming) 0.45
Inverted X-Axis Off
Inverted Y-Axis Off

Summit1G Escape From Tarkov Video Settings

Settings Input Value
Display Mode Full Screen
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
V-Sync On
Texture Quality High- Texture Streaming
Shadows Quality Medium
Object LOD Quality 2
Overall Visibility 400
Shadow Visibility 40
Resampling 1 X Off
Anisotropic Filtering Per Texture
Anti- Aliasing TAA
Sharpness 0.7
Lobby FPS Limit 60
Game FPS Limit 120

Summit1G Escape From  Tarkov Keybinds

Settings Input Value
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Right D
Move Left A
Smooth Lean Right D + Left ALT
Smooth Lean Left A + Left ALT
Lean Right B
Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Switch Scopes E
Change Aim Magnification O
Freelook Left ALT
Toggle NVG N
Mumble Y
Open Mumble Dropdown Y
Mumble Quick Phrase Y
Check Time Mouse Wheel Down
Check Time and Exits F2
Toggle Tactical Device T
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll
Previous Weapon Period
Interact F
Throw Grenade G
Reload R
Next Magazine ‘Mouse Scroll+’ + R
Previous Magazine ‘Mouse Scroll-‘ + R
Check Ammo Left Shift + Mouse Button 4
Toggle Fire Mode X
Prone Z
Sprint C
Duck Left Ctrl
Next Walk Pose ‘Mouse Scroll+’ + C
Previous Walk Pose ‘Mouse Scroll-‘ + C
Inventory Tab
Jump Space Bar
Walk Left Shift
Weapon On The Sing 2
Weapon On The Back 3
Secondary Weapon T
Scope Elevation Up Page Up
Adjust Scope Down Page Down
Screenshot PrtScn
Discard Del

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