How To Track Location in WhatsApp | Locate Your Friend or Someone

WhatsApp is a great app for sharing photos, videos, and documents and chatting with friends. You can also use WhatsApp for business and provide money transfer services in some countries. There are many reasons to use WhatsApp. One reason to prefer WhatsApp is the location services. You can send and track your location in WhatsApp. This feature is very handy when locating your friend or someone.

WhatsApp provides a location feature, so you can also track your friends’ locations. Numerous ways can help you do This, and we will share all the possible methods. This is a great feature, and it is secure, too, because of the end-to-end encryption. You can track your friend’s location, which will be visible only to you and your friend.

This is handy when you want to give your friends directions and live instructions. First, we will share the basic and easy-to-use location tracking method. Then, we will also give you another one that can help you when the first one doesn’t work. So now, let’s get into the methods without wasting time.

How To Track Location in WhatsApp | Locate Your Friend or Someone

How To Track Location in WhatsApp | Locate Your Friend or Someone

Firstly we will discuss the basic method that anyone can use, and after that, we will talk about some third party ways about the same topic. You need a little knowledge about how this stuff works if you want to use third party methods, but on the other hand, anyone can use the basic way.

The basic way to track location using WhatsApp

First of all, Open your WhatsApp and open the chat of that contact whose location you want to track. Ask him to send the live location from his WhatsApp. You can also create a group of people and share locations in group chat if you want to share with more then two persons. Now, to share a live location, ask your friend to follow these steps that we are mentioning.

Share location on WhatsApp

1) Your friend needs to allow location permissions for WhatsApp in order to share the live location.

2) Open the chat and click on the attachment icon that looks like a paperclip icon. It will open a new menu.

3) Click on the Location option from that menu, and you will see a new screen. Now click on the share live location option on that screen.

4) Once you do this, you can select how long you want to keep the live location in chat. The options for this are 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours. Select any of your choices and click on share.

5) That’s all now, the location will be shared with the receiver.

Click on the received location, and you will be redirected to the maps app inside your phone. There, you can see the sender’s location. This is easy, and you can do it in no time. You can stop sharing by clicking on the stop sharing option from the chat.

Track the location without a Phone using WhatsApp

For this method, you need your PC. It comes in handy when you cannot access your phone and only have your PC. Of course, you need to login to the WhatsApp web for this method, so we suggest you connect your WhatsApp web and save it so you can use it later.

1) First, open the WhatsApp web and chat with the person you want to locate.

2) Close all your running programs. Use the task manager to complete this process as it will be easy, and you can turn off all other stuff so that it does not interrupt in the process.

3) Press Windows + R to open the RUN window. Then, type CMD in the RUN window and hit enter.

4) As soon as you hit enter command prompt window will popup.

5) Now once the command prompt is launched, and all the other processes are stopped except web WhatsApp type following command in command prompt and hit enter.


6) You will see the IP Address of the person whose chat is open in web WhatsApp.

7) Write down the IP address you get from the command prompt and go to

How To Track Location in WhatsApp Locate Your Friend or Someone

8) Enter the IP address in the search bar on the website and hit enter.

After hitting the enter, you will see the location of your WhatsApp contact.


To sum up, these two are the best and safest methods to get the location of your WhatsApp contact. If you use the first method and your contact turns off location sharing, you will not be able to see the live location status. However, you can see the location of your WhatsApp contact whenever you want to use the second method.

Keep in mind that the second method shows location based on IP address. If your contact is hiding his IP or using the VPN app, then you will not be able to see his real location. This usually doesn’t happen, but you can always ask them to send their location to confirm.

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