How to Unlock The Garage in Zimnegorsk – SnowRunner

SnowRunner puts you in the driver seat of vehicles and enables you to explore immense open worlds and also drive in the wild. The game has up to 40 vehicles that you can acquire across various regions, and you can choose to drive solo or drive with up to 3 players in the multiplayer mode.

Throughout the game, you would be required to perform different tasks, and you’ll need to unlock some locations to complete these tasks. Examples of such locations are the garages across different regions in the game. This guide will focus on how to find and unlock the garage in Zimnegorsk.

SnowRunner is made up of three main regions:

  • Michigan
  • Alaska, United States
  • Taymyr, Russia

The game provides for a natural order of progression in exploring these regions, but you can also choose to explore these regions in any order you want. Michigan and Alaska are split into four maps each, while Taymyr is split into three maps, providing large expanses of land to cover and also with distinct looks and feels from one another. Throughout the game, you will journey across these three regions to perform tasks, locate vehicles as well as upgrades.

Michigan is by default the beginning of your adventure, and it is characterized by forested valleys and oil marshes. The roads are also of higher maintenance than Taymyr and Alaska. You will be required to perform different tasks for businesses in the region.

Alaska is characterized by lots of snow, with lakes and roads which have ice all over them, as well as snow-covered mountains. You should be careful while driving across this region to avoid your vehicle sliding off the roads. Your duty here is to ensure that the Alaska pipeline that spans throughout the regions get done.

Taymyr is arguably the most challenging of the three regions and is a very swampy region, with lakes, bogs, and forests taking up the majority of the region. In this region, you will be required to find oil with the help of a special seismograph module.

Zimnegorsk, Taymyr - SnowRunner

The city of Zimnegorsk is located in the Taymyr, Russia region of SnowRunner, and it was formerly a prominent location for resources for all other neighboring towns and cities. It was characterized by oil rigs, lumber mills, as well as mines, but it is now full of deserted industries and is a depiction of emptiness, now surrounded by dense Syberian woods and a cold ocean.

How to Find the Zimnegorsk Garage

To find the garage, you would have to complete three different missions, the first of which is Georesearch – Starting Point. You perform this mission by driving to the Quarry area with a truck with the Seismic Vibration Module. When you get to the Quarry area, drive straight down a bit till you get to the exact location of the mission on the map, and then complete the contract.

After this, go ahead to accept the Georesearch Triangulation contract and complete it by finding its exact location on the map. The last mission or contract you need to complete is the Keys Building Restoration. To do this, drive to the gateway to Zimnegorsk, and proceed to the warehouse. You should take along supplies with you to the warehouse,  and you can place navigation markers to plot the route to your destination to make your journey easier.

How to Find the Garage in Zimnegorsk - SnowRunner

When you get to the exact location of the mission on the map and complete it, all you have to do is drive forward till you get to the area marked with white arrows to unlock the garage in Zimnegorsk.

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