All Vehicles list in Snowrunner: Scouts and Haulers

Games are a good way of releasing your frustration at most awkward times. They are a really good time killer on which you can spend hours without getting bored. Since there is a variety of categories and genres to choose from, of course, it depends on your taste of selection. Anyways, among so many wide varieties, today, we are going to talk about the Truck simulator games. Sounds slothful, right? Actually, it’s not the way it seems. In fact, Truck simulator games are much more fun than you could think of. You would have a better idea about that only if you had ever lent your hands on games like Euro Truck Simulator-2 or Truck Driver. Well, this time we have something even more interesting. Yes, we are talking about the SnowRunner and all the awesome vehicles list it comes with.

SnowRunner seems to be a new name on the list. And that is because it was recently released on 28th April 2020. The game looks super compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. SnowRunner features harsh difficulty and a slow-paced blend. The game demands extreme patience and your presence of mind. While you are not chased by an enemy, the difficulty lies in the dissonant and hostile terrains.

So you see, it won’t be that easy to pass by, as you would be stuck in waterlogged areas, muddy roads, and more extreme situations. Apart from all these, it seems like people are driving crazy to know more about the vehicles, SnowRunner would offer. As a result, we tried to gather as much possible information via several speculations, leaks, and uploads. And here we are, with a list of all trucks and vehicles SnowRunner is supposed to provide. The list looks breathtaking. However, not all vehicles are still recognized. Anyways, we hope you would love to check out the list below.

All Vehicles list in Snowrunner: Scouts and Haulers

All Vehicles list in SnowRunner: Scouts and Haulers

Further list contains the names of all vehicles, including Scouts and Haulers. The list below is actually brought to you by the Vehicle Database of SnowRunner:

Eurasian Scouts

  • Don71 – Lada Niva 21213

  • Khan Lo4F (UAZ-452)

  • TUZ 166 (GAZ – 69A)

  • TUZ 420 (GAZ – 59037A)

  • Yar 87 (Trecol – 39294)

North American Scouts

  • Chevy CK 1500 Stepside

  • Hummer – H2

  • International H. Scout 800

  • International Loadster 1700

Eurasian Haulers

  • Azov 5319 (Kamaz – 6560M)

  • Azov 42-20 (Kamaz Arctic 6345)

[No Image Found]

  • Azov 64131 (Kamaz 65228)

  • Azov 73210 (Kamaz 5340)

  • Dan 96320 (BAZ 6402)

  • Kolob 74760 (MKZT 741351)

  • Kolob 74941 (MZKT 74135)

  • Royal-BM-17 (Scammell s24)

  • Step 310E (Zil E133Vyat)

  • Tyga 6436 (Kraz 6322)

  • Voron AE-4380 (URAL 4320)

  • Voron Grad (Ural Next)

  • Voron D53233 (Ural 4322)

[No Image Found]

  • ZiKZ 5368 (MAZ 500)

North American Haulers

  • ANK MK38 (AM General M939)
  • Caterpillar 745C
  • Caterpillar CT680
  • Chevy Kodiak C70
  • Derry Longhorn 3194 (Oshkosh M911)
  • Derry Longhorn 4520 (Oshkosh M1070)
  • GMC MH9500
  • Ford CL 9000
  • Freightliner 114SD
  • Freightliner M916A1
  • International Fleestar F-2070A
  • International Paystar 5070
  • International Transtar 4070A
  • Pacific P16
  • Pacific P12
  • White Western Star 4964
  • Western Star 6900 Twin Steer

Vehicles list in SnowRunner

Hence, it seems like the list holds a pretty good amount of names. So, we can expect something great from the all-new SnowRunner Truck Simulator Game. Interestingly, it gives a wide range of options when it comes to customization. So, no matter whatever place or situation we are dealing with, we will always come up with something. Guess we can customize our trucks with large tires and grips for better hold in waterlogged areas and so on.

Although, the game seems to be a little slower, as mentioned above. So, running out of patience is definitely not an option. Besides, it features amazing graphics and not to mention its realistic physics. It’s because of its physics, the gamer feels like driving those vehicles all by themselves. As a result, every time you fall or get stuck, you might get frustrated. But there’s no doubt about the fact that the more challenging, the more addictive. So, have some patience and try harder and try something new.


Coming to an end, it seems like we have a better overview of all vehicles SnowRunner is supposed to provide us. However, we still feel there’s more about this game. Of course, everything cannot be explained until we have real experience of this exhilarating game. After its release, SnowRunner has been a common topic of discussion. We believe the gameplay must be much more to talk about. So, if you have already started playing it, do share your experience with us.

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