How to View and Change app permission access health data on iPhone

Apple Health app is one of the fascinating apps that work with the Health app on Apple iPhone that automatically counts your step, Walking, and Running distances. If you have an Apple watch, it automatically tracks your activity data where you can get in-depth data of your activity into a health category or get data from any of your favorite app or device that you are using on your Apple Device.

Your Health data contain Blood Glucose, Weight, Heart rate, and more information about your periods are all there. There is also such small information like Headaches or cramps, which can be misused so that it might be censored for some users.

However, you may not want those third-party applications to access your health data. To secure the health data, Apple allows you to manage and view the permission to view health data, where you can remove access permission from your Health app. Majority users don’t know how to do this in one place, and they didn’t check once. Today we are going to teach you how you can manage the Health app data.

Manage Health Data on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Apple Watch

You can set up apps and accessories to give the person access to your Health app. Not to mention, you can also enter data yourself and change how health prioritizes data from those sources, and here are the reports from best institutions.

How to Control Which app access your Health Data

access health data

  1. Open the “Health App” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your “Profile’s Icon.”
    (Place on the top-right side of the screen.)
  3. Tap “Apps.”
    (Here you will find every single app that installed, and you granted permission to access your health app.)
  4. The “Turn on” All Categories
    (It allow or Disallow “MyFintnessPal” to access all health data.)
  5. Toggle to “Turn off” or “Turn On” based on your preference.

Choose Which app share information with health.

access health data

  1. Open the “Health” app and tap on the Summary tab.
  2. Tap on your “Profile.”
  3. Choose the app that you want to allow to access Health data.
    (Under Privacy, tap app that you want to share health data.)
  4. Tap an App and Turn on Health Categories that you wish to an app with the help of thrid’s part app.

Note: If you are using multiple fitness apps that use health apps, then it can be track and manageable.

Apple Health app is compatible with the Heath fitness app that requires permission for having access to your health data. Apple iPhone and Apple Watch can collect and store your health data in Health App, Which really useful to have access to that health data in one place.

View Health Data on your Apple Watch.

access health data

  1. Scroll the “Digital” Crown key on your Apple watch.
  2. Click on “Setting” on your Apple watch.
    (Find the “Gear” app icon on your Apple watch.)
  3. Click on “Health,” then Choose “Apps.”

Health app uses AI Machine learning to determine the analysis, and it shows the Highlight to bring that information front and center. It will alert for your experience, Noise exposer, lower or Higher heart rate is detected. Supplemental apps also boost your productivity, and Apple watches for a long-term pursuit. It gives you a Quick Health checkup, Even for your Cholesterol or Blood pressure.

Hopefully, Now you can control your health data and protect your sensitive data on your iPhone and Apple Watch. If you disable health data access, then it Health data save on your device. We like to know, Do you control what app has access to your health. Let us known in the comment section down below.

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