Warzone 2 DMZ Caretaker’s House Key and Location Guide

The players want to know the Caretaker’s House Key Location and where to use it. It is one of the 56 keys that is available in the game. We know you have already found the key to many locations and used them to get the loot item. And now you are looking for the Caretaker’s House.

Don’t worry; we are also here to help you. With the help of a key, the players can enter the building and different enemy bases to get some exciting loot items. The Caretaker’s House is one of them. You can also get some amazing loot items in this place. Today, we are here with the guide where we will tell how to find the key and where to use the key in the Caretaker’s House. Check out this guide till the end to know about it.

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Where can you find the Caretaker’s House Key in Warzone 2 DMZ?

There are several locations on the map. But, if you know the right location, you can get many loot items. For the Caretaker’s House Key, there is no specific place where you can get it.

You can only get it in Warzone 2 DMZ by completing the HVT contracts, killing the AI enemies and checking the random loot containers. Once you get the Caretaker’s House Key, you can use it to get a lot of loot. However, you must face the AI enemies before you reach that place. So, be prepared for them.

Where can you use the Caretaker’s House Key in Warzone 2 DMZ?


If you have got the Caretaker’s House Key, then you will have to reach the Al Samman Cemetry. Once you reach there, move southwest of the Al Samman Cemetry. Once you will keep moving in that direction, then you will find a small building there. Now, go towards the building. When you approach the building, you will need to cross some ground burials. Once you have crossed them, you will find the Caretaker’s House which is locked. Now, use the key to unlock the door.

Wrapping Up

The players explore different locations on the map to get some heavy loot items. And we know that you are also doing it. Many players are looking for the steps to reach the Caretaker’s House. With this article, you can get to the location easily. That’s all for this guide. See you in the next one.

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