Why Chat GPT Is Not Working In My Country?

ChatGPT is banned in many countries and organizations for multiple reasons. The chatbot AI has taken the world by storm, leading many to worry about the future. I have explained why countries have taken extreme measures to block artificial intelligence services from the internet. I have shared everything you need to know about the ChatGPT ban.

List of ChatGPT Available Countries

Which Countries Have Banned ChatGPT?

Many countries have taken the initiative to ban artificial intelligence chat boxes from the regional internet.

a. Afghanistan

b. Belarus

c. China

d. Iran

e. Russia

f. Ukraine

g. Venezuela

You may have noticed that the countries that banned the ChatGPT have a dictatorship. Some of them are war-ridden or have political instability. I won’t talk about the troubles of each country and why they want to keep the AI chat box out of the equation. I will give a short explanation and leave the rest to your imagination.

Who Owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Dashboard

OpenAI or OpenAI Limited Partnership developed ChatGPT. The American artificial intelligence research lab aims to make AI human-friendly. The company projected to generate OpenAI was projecting $1 billion in revenue in 2024. You can learn about the revenue model from other sources.
Many countries don’t trust the products coming from the United States of America. These countries don’t want to have a service that they cannot control or regulate. They have banned the ChatGPT for national interest and lack of control.

Why Stack Overflow Banned ChatGPT?

Stack Overflow is the largest community for programmers and coders globally. Millions have posted questions for the community and got answers for the problems. Elon Musk-backed ChatGPT has made headlines over the months for getting answers to various coding questions.
Stack Overflow has banned the AI chatbot on the website. They don’t want AI-generated answers on the platform. The company has told the community that it’s a “temporary” policy change.

They have explained this on the official website.

Stack Overflow Statement

a. The website received a higher volume of answers after ChatGPT reached millions of users.

b. Users have posted AI-generated answers on the platform at a much higher volume.

c. Many AI-generated answers are incorrect and may ruin the community experience.

The company decided to ban AI-generated answers on the platform. Existing users can answer new threads, but the answers shouldn’t come from artificial intelligence services.

Why New York City’s Department of Education Banned ChatGPT?

New York City’s Department of Education has banned the OpenAI service from the servers. Many academic institutions are worried about future children. These institutions have come together to prevent the student from cheating and getting answers an easy way.

a. The chatbot’s answers may damage the critical thinking of the students.

b. AI services can increase cheating in exams and homework.

c. The ChatGPT can harm the problem-solving skills of the students.

The department of education took the extreme step of banning the website.
Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence learning students can reach out to the New York public schools administration to unban on request.

Why Did Bengaluru’s RV University Ban AI Tools?

A Bangalore-based University has banned AI tools. RV University has banned ChatGPT and other AI tools. The administrators fear that students use AI tools to finish the assignments and cheat on the exams. The community seems to understand rationality and decision implementation. Millions of teachers globally have expressed similar feelings about students using AI tools to finish homework and exams.

Why Did French University of Science Po Banned ChatGPT?

Science Fo Research University has banned ChatGPT, citing “plagiarism” in the email sent to the students. AI tools can ruin the education system and the student’s mindset. Many European universities have banned AI tools for the student’s future.

Bottom Line

We haven’t taken a deeper dig into the country’s decision to ban ChatGPT. Overall, the government wants to control the story narrative or regulate the service for the country’s privacy. Fortunately, Elon Musk-backed companies have some rules to comply with government regulations. Let us know how you use ChatGPT.

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