Fix AirPods Connection Failed – Won’t Connect

Being an Apple user while using iPhone or iPad or MacBook, for some of you, AirPods is quite an important thing in order to make a call, listening to your favorite music or watching Youtube. But it feels hilarious when your Airpod don’t connect with your favorite device (i.e. iOS or Mac)

There are no fixed reasons why it happens, but of course, there are some ways to cope up with this type of problem you are facing while connecting with your device. Follow every fix till then you can figure out the reason why it’s not connecting.

Fix AirPods Connection Failed - Won't Connect

Fix AirPods Connection Failed – Won’t Connect to iPhone/iPad and Mac

Fix 1: Checking iOS version

This fix is quite important to that user who is trying to connect their Airpods for the first time with their iPhone or iPad. 

System Requirements are as follows

Airpod Generation 1: Minimum iOS version 10 or later

Airpod Generation 2: Minimum iOS version 12.2

So check which iOS version you are using

Step 1: Open Setting

Step 2: Go to General

Step 3: Go to Check Software Update

Step 4: Download and install the update if it’s essential 

Fix 2: Restart your iPhone

Sometimes there is nothing to worry about. You just simply need to Restart your Device, and restarting makes the things to work.

  •  Restart iPhone X,11 or SE

  Step 1: Hold the Power and Volume button

  Step 2: Slide the slider in left

  Step 3: Wait 30 seconds

  Step 4: Press the power button until you see Apple logo

  • Restart iPhone 6,7,8 and SE

  Step 1: Hold the Power

  Step 2: Slide the slider in left

  Step 3: Wait 30 seconds

  Step 4: Press the power button until you see Apple logo

Fix 3: Reset your Airpod

If even, restarting your iPhone and iPad didn’t work for you then try to reset your Airpod

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Go to Bluetooth

Step 3: Click (i) made next to Airpod

Step 4: Click Forget this device

Step 5: Put the Airpod in the case and wait 30 sec.

Step 6: Press the setup button for 30 sec

Step 7: When you see light blink then reconnect your Airpod with iPhone or iPad

Fix 4: Clean your Airpod

Sometimes, it important to maintain your things as you maintain your clothes. It can also be a reason that your Airpod didn’t work due to any dust in any hardware issue.

 There are some precaution to clean 

  •  You can rinse them with water if you want
  • Wipe ear tip with a lint-free cloth
  • Clean charging case too
  • Avoid putting things outside the charging port.

Fix 5: Force Restart your Mac

Force restarting mostly help the user because after force restarting, Mac diagnosis the bug at own and try to fix so it would help you.

 Step 1: Shutdown your computer

 Step 2: Remove the plug from the socket 

 Step 3: Try to turn on your computer

 Now try again to connect your Airpods with Mac Computer

Fix 6: Update your Mac OS

 Even if didn’t work out then Updating your Mac will surely help you because, after update of OS, the bugs get repair so maybe these works for your Bug either

 Step 1: Choose System Preference

 Step 2: Click Software Update 

 Step 3: Choose Check for Update

AirPods Connection Failed

 Step 4: If there is any Update click Update Now button

Fix 7: Forget your Airpod

 Forgetting and again pairing your Airpod helps to solve this issue even. Maybe there can be any problem with any code of line so you can again Forget the Airpod and try to reconnect that.

 Step 1: Open System Preferences

 Step 2: Click on Bluetooth

 Step 3: Click on your Airpods under Devices

 Step 4: Click the X button

 Step 5: Click Forget device

 Now after that you can try to reconnect your Airpods

 Step 1: Turn on your Bluetooth in Mac

 Step 2: Open your Charging case on Airpods

 Step 3: Open System Preferences

 Step 4: Click on Bluetooth

 Step 5: Double click on your Airpods

 Now, after that, it will connect your AirPods, although the step is for manual connection so that you can try the connecting Airpod at own.


Airpods become some essentials for some of the Apple users, and it is quite reasonable. But it can be a problem if you can not connect your Airpods on time. But among the fixes stated above will surely help to solve the issue with your AirPods.

There is nothing to worry about the problem. It almost on a small scale. But still, if you find a problem connecting that, then I will recommend you to see your Airpods near to your Apple center. It can be a hardware issue.

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