All Apex Legends Connection Error Icons: Explained

Online games are fun to play until the players encounter connection issues. Apex Legends is one such online battle royale game that has created its impact way beyond reach. This month the Season 5 will arrive, and gamers across the globe are waiting to relaunch their guns. Apex Legends, like every other online game, is faced with connection issues. However, Respawn Entertainment has built a notification system that is effective for any gamer who faces connection issues.

In games like Apex Legends, a second interruption can decide victory and loss, so it becomes crucial to understand the connection issue so that we can fix it before the game begins. The notification system in Apex Legends will provide gamers a clue of what kind of connection problem they have. However, if you keep facing the issues consistently, there must be a network hardware problem. For now, keep reading to understand Apex Legends connection error icons.

Apex Legends Connection Error Icons

Apex Legends Connection Error Icons

There are a total of four connection error symbols in Apex Legends. To make your life easier, I have explained all of them and what you can do when you face any of these issues.

Latency (Speedometer icon)

The first one is the Latency icon, which looks similar to a speedometer. This error icon shows up whenever you experience high ping value. This means it is taking more time to tell for you to game to tell Apex Legends’ server about the actions you are performing. You can notice this by movements of players taking more time than usual because of Latency error.

The reason behind high LatencyLatency can vary. However, if you are experiencing this error consistently, then it means your location is far away from the Apex Legends server. If the error is occasional, it means you are facing internet connection problems. You might have to contact your Internet Service Provider or check if the router is working perfectly or not.

Packet Loss (Red Square icon)

This error is represented using two squares with a dotted square between them. Packet Loss takes place when your computer fails in sending or receiving actions you take to or from Apex’s server. If you notice sudden teleporting of your player or shooting an enemy that is not getting damaged, then it may be because of Packet Loss.

You can solve the error in the same way as Latency. Reset your internet connection or contact your ISP.

Congestion (Branch icon)

Apex Legends represents this error using a branch icon. Congestion usually pops up when there’s an issue on the server-side. It means the server is overloaded with players, or the game is facing other technical issues. You cannot do anything about this, other than waiting for the server to run properly again. You can check out Apex Legends’ official social media accounts to get updates or wait until the issue is solved.

Prediction Error (Lines with Dots icon)

Two parallel lines with dots on them represent a Prediction error in Apex Legends. This can be experienced when the server fails in predicting the movement of other players, especially the one you are looking at. The game can predict such things to an extent. This is another server-side issue which you can’t do anything about. Just wait for some time before playing again.

The Apex Legends connection error symbols are definitely a worthy inclusion in the game. Next time you see any such error, you will know what to do, and how much of it is your fault. I hope this guide helps you and makes gaming sessions much better. If you want any other guide, then let us know in the comment section.

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