How To Fix Ban Issues On WhatsApp MODs And Enable Anti-Ban?

Are you using the latest WhatsApp mods but still receiving temporary ban notifications? Here’s how to enable Anti-ban features in popular WhatsApp mods and avoid unexpected ban issues. WhatsApp is a widely used communication platform for people worldwide. While most users stick to the official version of WhatsApp, others experiment with modded versions like GB WhatsApp or OG WhatsApp.

These modded versions come with numerous additional features and options unavailable in the official version. These include the ability to hide your online status or typing activity, view deleted messages, and send photos or videos in their original quality.

However, these extra features come with risks. WhatsApp does not support such mods, so your account could be banned temporarily or even permanently. Numerous users have reported ban issues while using certain WhatsApp mods.

To address ban issues, many popular WhatsApp mods, including OG WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp, have introduced a new Anti-ban feature to safeguard your account from WhatsApp bans. In this article, we’ll provide solutions to the problem of banned accounts and suggest ways to prevent getting banned again.

How To Fix Ban Issues On WhatsApp MODs And Enable Anti-Ban

Why Do Whatsapp Ban Accounts

When your Whatsapp usage differs from normal behaviour, WhatsApp may notice it and ban your account. For example, people cannot put status videos above 30sec, while some mods allow people to set videos beyond the 30sec limit.

This might become noticeable to the Whatsapp risk department. And when someone reports you, say, for adding them into a group without their approval, your account may get banned temporarily.

How to Fix WhatsApp Ban issue on Mods

This method of fixing may or may not work out for you. However, it is a 99% chance to work on the latest smartphones. Nevertheless, the best option is to wait through time and let the temporary ban lift automatically. But, you can give this a shot.

Assuming you have OG WhatsApp installed. But this method holds good for other mods as well.

Step 1: Open file manager app and go to internal storage or SD card(If available).

Step 2: Rename the OG Whatsapp folder to anything else. Say OGWhatsapp.backup. But this folder might change based on the mod you use.

WhatsApp MODs And Enable Anti-Ban

Step 3: Uninstall the current OG WhatsApp from your device.

Step 4: Now from PlayStore, install the latest version of official WhatsApp.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and complete logging in.

Step 6: Then go to settings>Accounts and tap on Delete my account. Provide your mobile number and confirm the account deletion.

How To Fix Ban Issues On WhatsApp MODs And Enable Anti-Ban?

Step 7: Now, install the latest version of OG Whatsapp and re-register your account.

Important Note

If your account gets banned again, you should stick with the official version for a while, like a week or so. Then you can move to the modded version of your choice.

Enable Whatsapp Anti-Ban

There is no magical switch as “anti-ban” when it comes to Whatsapp. But your account will be safe until you keep your heads low. For staying under the radar, you can follow these tips.

  1. Try Avoiding setting status videos more than 30sec.
  2. Avoid adding people into groups without their wish.
  3. Don’t send messages or forward them in bulk. Don’t spam others by sending bulk messages or using bomber apps.
  4. Do not send bulk or spamming messages to persons who don’t have your number in the contact list.


So, to conclude this article, there is a chance to get your account unbanned, but it’s not guaranteed. Therefore it’s best to wait it out. Although if you are using your WhatsApp as the main form of communication like for education or profession, it’s advised to use the official version to avoid all sorts of ban issues.

If your willing to try out other possibilities, then you can risk this one. But try to follow the tips mentioned above to minimize the risk of getting your account banned.

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