Is There A Fix For Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error?

DICE and Electronic Arts have done a great job releasing Battlefield 2042 in November 2021. However, it seems that players aren’t really happy about this title’s release because plenty of features are missing, and the gameplay isn’t smooth unexpectedly. A bunch of errors or bugs need to be fixed as early as possible. Meanwhile, some players face the Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error during the gameplay.

Whereas some affected players have also mentioned that while completing several matches in the Battlefield 2042 multiplayer mode, the same error starts appearing quite often. So, players are getting the reached cap error on the Level Progress screen. Now, if you’re also facing this issue, then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide.

Is There A Fix For Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error?

Is There A Fix For Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error?

The specific “has reached cap” error message in the Battlefield 2042 game doesn’t have an official fix as of now from the developer’s side. However, we’re expecting that the developers will come up with a patch fix soon. There have been multiple reports surfaced on the online forums regarding the trophies and XP progress being denied in the matches. So, we’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks or so to get a possible fix for the same.

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It seems that initially there were custom matches and Battlefield Portal matches did provide full XP and trophy rewards just like other normal matches. But somehow players are reporting that the Battlefield 2042 system is creating bot matches with AI in easy mode. It also includes one health, no weapons, etc to quickly level up. Whereas the ripple effect makes a stop to this by introducing an XP level cap for custom matches.

Is There A Fix For Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error?

It also includes match trophies or ribbons in the custom matches so the players can’t earn more than a certain amount of XP in a single custom match. So, we’re assuming that DICE and EA will figure it out and fix this issue or bring up a new feature to cope with it. Make sure to keep an eye on this article and blog for further details.

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