How To Change the Primary Email of your Facebook Account

Do you want to change the primary email address of your Facebook account.? Well, it’s pretty easy to do, and in this guide, I will show you how to do it. A primary email is the one that you use to sign-up for your Facebook account. Anything that happens on Facebook such as getting a friend request, a message, or someone liking on any post is actually sent as an email notification to the inbox of this email ID. You can always change this email.

Normally, people use different email accounts for various social media apps and official use. It may happen that you forgot the password of the email ID serving as your Facebook profile’s primary email. So, instead of losing your mind over the lost password, you prefer to change the primary email of your Facebook. Sometimes people do not access a certain email ID for years and it may get removed by Google (in the case of a Gmail account). Then also you can try changing the Facebook email account to something that they currently use.

How To Change The Primary Email of your Facebook Account

You can change the email account from your Facebook app on your smartphone and the Facebook web version.

Change Email from Facebook Web

  • Open Facebook from your PC web browser
  • Then click on the down-arrow button to open a menu
    Facebook Settings
  • Click Settings & Privacy > click Settings
    Facebook Settings
  • Then on the Settings page click on the General option in the left-hand panel
  • Under the General Account Settings click on Edit beside Contact which mentions the primary email account currently connected to your Facebook account.
    change primary email account Facebook
  • Click on Add another email or mobile number
    add new email account for Facebook
  • Then a new dialog box will pop-up
  • In that, in the specified field, type in the new email
    click Add
  • Click Add
  • Facebook will ask you to enter the password of your Facebook profile to continue this action
  • Enter the password in the dialog box and click Submit
    enter Facebook password
  • Now, go to the inbox of the email account that you just set on your Facebook profile
  • You will see an email from the Facebook support team that tells you to click a confirm button to confirm that change of adding a new email ID to your Facebook profile.
    confirm new primary email account change

Confirming Your Email Change

Unless you access your email inbox and confirm the primary email account change, you won’t be able to login to Facebook from your new email ID.

Once you click Confirm, then you will be redirected to the Facebook Settings page. There in the General Account Settings, you will see that now the Primary email has changed into the new email ID that you have provided.

NOTE: this new email account will be automatically set as the primary email account for your Facebook profile. You don’t have to set it manually. The previous email ID will become the secondary email account.

Now, the process to change the primary email account for your Facebook profile from the smartphone app is entirely similar.

  • Login to Facebook account
  • Go to Settings & Privacy by tapping on the hamburger button
  • Then tap Settings
  • Under Account Settings,> tap on Personal Information
  • Navigate to Contact Info
  • Tap Add Email Address

The rest of the process is entirely the same as we did in the previous section of this article with the web version of Facebook.

So, if you are planning to change the primary email account for your Facebook profile, then this guide will help you out.

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