Disney+ Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors: How to Fix?

Disney has launched its Plus platform where eventually, you can watch any on-demand videos and Tv shows. However, many users have reported seeing Disney+ Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors and are clueless about fixing them. Disney is actively working to fix these issues on its platform. As more and more people join their on-demand video subscription service, more such minor Disney Plus problems are booming up. There are scenarios where users see nothing except a blue or green screen. And in most scenarios, users see a black screen with a never-ending buffering circle.

Disney+ is a video-on-demand-based subscription service that has joined with Hotstar to provide premium Disney+ content in India to a broad audience. Walt Disney Studios own Disney+. After receiving so much anticipation from Disney Studios, people expected it would be a great addition to their home cinema and movie experience. But due to some mishaps, it failed to stand on those expectations. Users have reported the Disney+ Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors, which we will fix today.

Disney+ suffers from blue, green, and black screen errors when the downloaded or live content is played on their mobile device or televisions. People are also suffering from a black screen and the only output problem. Such that there is no display on the screen and only weird sounds coming.  In the Green Screen problem, people can hear broken sounds from their speakers. This feels very unpleasant from a subscription point of view as they have paid for it. Some consumers have noticed huge buffering even when the internet speed is stable. So today, we will discuss the problems and ways to fix them.

Disney+ Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors: How to Fix?

In Reddit, we found many complaints regarding the Blue, Black, and even Green screen errors that users face while using Disney+. Here are few archived Reddit threads:

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Blue screen from r/DisneyPlus

Why You Are Facing Disney + Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors

Many users have complained about numerous issues. They have been facing this since the introduction of Walt Disney Studios’ subscription-based service, Disney Plus. There have been many misunderstanding issues with the service as the number of subscribers is quite high. It is becoming difficult for the subscription provider to handle such high traffic. Some users are also suffering from a blue screen issue in this. The screen goes blue, and only the sound keeps coming. So we will now discuss the reasons behind these problems and device a possible solution.

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Below are Some of the possible reasons which cause such issues:

  • Slow internet connectivity: It can be an issue for such a Blue/Black/Green screen because the stream cannot catch up with the screens.
  • Resolution: Televisions or Computer Screens supporting only up to 1080p resolution can also be a problem because many of the contents are available in 4K, so without switching the resolution, this can cause a problem.
  • RGB color schemes: This might not be heard as a big problem, but it can be. This is because the content on the Disney+ is 12-bit, but still, most of the devices even support 8-bit.
  • HDMI: A high-definition media interface is required to play 4K content, which cannot be achieved with a VGA adaptor. If you use VGA, you might want to upgrade.
  • Cache/Storage: Cache memory being full can be a great deal because this hinders the device’s performance in which you are watching the contents. Storage can also sometimes cause problems.

How To Fix Disney + Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors

Above, we have discussed the issue; people face with their Disney+ and the possible reasons they are caused od=f. So we also need to know the solution to these problems that the consumers are facing now. First, we must possibly know the reason behind the issue and thus proceed with the issue’s troubleshooting.

Changing the Resolution

Changing the device’s resolution from 4k to 1080P can help completely minimize or solve the black screen issue. The resolution band cannot be increased to 4K if using an incompatible product. So if that is the case, first consider upgrading your device. And if not, check the resolution it supports with the manufacturer.

Internet Connectivity

Slow internet speeds or unstable speeds are some of the main reasons which don’t allow consumers to watch their favorite shows in peace. The pace might seem healthy, but you need to run a speed test to confirm. And if the results are not satisfactory, try switching to a new service provider. That may solve the problem of the black or buffering screen.


When everything fails, reboot comes as the only handy option. And believe it or not, it the best solution to go with. It primarily solves all the problems and optimizes the system to get the best possible performance after that.

Changing the Device

Even if restarting the device does not solve the issue, consider changing the method to check that the fault was with the earlier device. This will surely help you understand and solve the problem.

Adjusting the Colours

Some devices don’t support color schemes up to 16 bits. If that’s the case, consider changing your monitor’s color depth to 16-bit because the required is 12. And if not possible, an upgrade will be an option to consider.

Use Web Browser

If viewing anything on the app is impossible, try to open your Disney+ account with a web browser. And check if there is anything wrong with your subscription, or try clearing the cache and history before proceeding with the video.


After hearing about the problems from Disney+ users, we have to help you troubleshoot the issue. The above are the common methods by which you can fix Disney+ Blue/Black/Green screen errors actively. In case you still face any issues while browsing content on Disney+, make sure to comment down below. We will help you in any way possible.

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