How to Download Shows or Movies on Hulu?

Everyone may not have fast internet access all the time. This can be a hindrance when watching a dozen TV shows and movies on any OTT platform. Thankfully, all the major online entertainment portals allow their subscribers to download the video content from the website or the smartphone app. In this guide, I will tell you how to download movies on Hulu. Not only see movies, but you can also download other TV shows.

Let me tell you that the guide will work only if you are a legit paid subscriber of Hulu. If you think I’m going to share some hack for free streaming, then unfortunately you are wrong. It’s just that internet availability is always an issue. Besides, some people want to easily access the content without doing endless surfing and searching if they wish to watch a TV show or a movie more than once. If they download the movies or the TV series, they can open the website/app and watch it from their own profile.


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How to Download Shows or Movies on Hulu?


All the TV Shows or Videos may not be available for downloading and offline viewing. Once you download a show, you have 30 days to watch it. If you start watching it post-download, it will remain offline for the next two days. If all the downloaded content expires, you can always re-download it, provided your Hulu subscription is active.

The process of downloading any TV series or movie is pretty straightforward.

  • Launch the Hulu app
  • Search for your choice of movie or TV show
  • Open the video for streaming
  • There would be a down arrow icon. Tap on it to begin the download
  • There will be a check icon that you can see beside the downloaded episode
  • You can use that to expand and see the episode’s details or delete the downloaded episode manually.

Setting the Video Quality

You can set the video quality to be of high quality or standard quality for viewing after downloading. The only downside is more data will be consumed to download the high-quality video. Also, depending on your network, a high-quality video will take time to download.

  • In the Downloads section, go to Settings > Video Quality
  • It is pre-set to Standard quality. You can change it to High quality.


You can disable cellular download to avoid losing a high volume of data in downloading videos. Go for this when you can download the video using a stable Wi-Fi network.

If you do not have access to a WiFi network, then enable the cellular download option. Your active data plan will be spent on downloading the video

So, that’s it, guys. Now you know how you can easily download movies and TV series from the Hulu app on your smartphone/tablet. Try this out and enjoy your favourite shows even when internet connectivity is unavailable.

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