How to Download Xbox One Games Faster

Xbox One is gaining great momentum among users with the constant release of trending games through the year. So you’ve just turned on your console and started to download a new game into your system. You might’ve noticed that the download speed of the game/games isn’t that good as it used to be. Well, to counter this issue with your console, there are certain things that you must take action on.

In this guide today, we’ll take you through several methods that you can do your Xbox One to boost that downloading speed for games or any app. The sudden decrease of download speed is caused by your console itself, by yourself, or for some reason resonating with your router. Whatever the matter is, you need to take the right course of action to speed up that progress bar and we’ll list down all the possible steps in the guide below to make this possible. So without any further ado, let’s see how to download Xbox One games faster.

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How to Download Xbox One Games Faster

Here are some of the steps to download the Xbox One Games faster.

1. Quit other games and apps in the background

The first and foremost thing you can do is to quit all the other running games and apps in the background. You should do this especially if you have an application or game that’s running on the internet in the background. As such programs roll in the background, your only internet source gets divided and shared among the different parts of your system, in this case the game you’re downloading and the programs running in the background. This causes the internet to slow down, resulting in slower download speed. You can completely close an app using the steps below:

  1. Use your controller and press the Xbox button on it
  2. From the left sidebar that appears, highlight the app or game in the background that feels like it should be closed
  3. Once you have the program highlighted, press the Menu button
  4. Choose the Quit option in the menu that appears

2. Avoid connecting multiple devices to the same network

The second step you can take is to avoid connecting multiple devices to the same network that you’re using to download your games. This can be connecting other phones to it, PC, etc. Connecting multiple devices will result in slower download speed as these devices will take up a portion of the internet speed to stay connected, and to keep any background programs rolling.

3. Don’t download multiple games simultaneously

The next step you can take is to download only one game at a time. Choosing to download multiple games in a single stretch will divide the network speed. This will result in something where none of the games that are downloading will be able to acquire a fair amount of speed share to function the download fast. Take it easy and slow to make things efficient.

4. Rebooting the router

Although most of us are aware of what magic rebooting the router can bring, it does indeed do the trick most of the time. Sometime, the problem might not even be existing in your Xbox or your hands. Perhaps the router itself is just having a hard time transferring data packets to your Xbox. In this instance, plugging it off the wall and powring back up will do a nice reboot to the router.

5. An ethernet cable is best

Well, using a Wi-Fi might be convenient but an ethernet cable is capable of transferring stronger data packets faster to your system. Wi-Fi will fail to do this as the approach of using the internet from it is wireless. Although an ethernet cable can get messy and piss you off sometimes because of its dirty long cables, it surely has its merits and is far better than a Wi-Fi connection.

6. Restart your Xbox One console

The final step that we can all take to speed up our downloads is restarting the Xbox One console. You might’ve tried everything listed above on this guide and if you did fail to increase that download speed, at least by a bit, then restarting your Xbox One console is the last bet. Because sometimes, it can be those dirty bugs crawling in the system, messing up the data. A good console restart might finally do the trick.

Summing up our guide, we have 6 different ways to download Xbox One games faster. These are quitting other games and apps in the background, avoiding multiple devices to connect to the same network, downloading one game at a time, rebooting the router, using an ethernet cable, and finally, restarting the console. We suggest that you try applying all the methods on our list, and hopefully, you’ll experience a better download speed. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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