How to Embed YouTube Video in a Google Docs

As technology continues to advance, the need for seamless integration between various applications and platforms has become more apparent. Google Docs, a widely-used cloud-based word processing tool, offers an array of features that facilitate collaboration and productivity. One powerful feature that users often seek is the ability to embed multimedia content, such as YouTube videos, directly into their documents. Though Google Docs does not currently support direct embedding of YouTube videos, there are alternative methods to achieve a similar result, making it possible to incorporate visual elements alongside your written content.

In this guide, we will discuss two workarounds that can help you display a YouTube video within a Google Docs document. These methods not only allow you to enhance your documents with rich, engaging content but also provide a convenient way for your audience to access and view videos without leaving the document. By implementing these techniques, you can create a more dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing document that captures the attention of your readers and conveys your message effectively.

How to Embed YouTube Video in a Google Docs

Embed YouTube videos into Google Docs:

  • Open the Google slide on your computer
  • Then begin a new presentation
  • Select the video; from the Insert option drop-down section
  • Using the Search button, you browse YouTube video/ you can select by URL button and paste the URL to the video of YouTube.
  • Press Selection option to upload the selected video to the slide
  • Then go to video, press Ctrl+C to copy the video
  • Next is, go to the Google Docs and put in the video and select the Drawing option
  • From the Insert drop-down button section select the New option
  • Then click the Video Picture and choose ‘Save and Close’ option to insert the drawing in the Google Docs
  • Then select both the video picture and Link from the Insert drop-down section in the Google Docs.
  • Load the video link and click the ‘Apply’ button
  • In case the Playback tab is missing, go to the picture and click twice on the playback image and video in a draw in Google Docs
  • Now you can easily play the video

[googleplay url=””]

  • First of all, save the video onto the local drive and then add the video to the Google Drive
  • Then use a shareable URL for the video from Google Drive
  • Capture a screenshot of the video’s first frame
  • Open the Doc of option and select the video to show
  • Then move to Insert option and picture then insert the screenshot in the Doc
  • If it not fits you can change the size
  • You can use the screenshot spotlight and select the Insert option and Link
  • Finally, upload the shareable URL and select the ‘Apply’ button

You have to get the screenshot, record the full-screen video on the computer and then hold the Ctrl+PrtScn button. The screenshot will be captured and insert it into the standard download folder. If you need to change the size of the picture, you can use graphic editing software like Paint .net.

Save the video at the same location where the video for future use in Google Drive. You can also have the option to download the video from YouTube on your computer, up to Google Drive, and URL, but this is not a good choice.

To embed YouTube videos in Google Docs is a much-awaited update. Now following the above technique, you can embed YouTube in Google Docs. If you have queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box.

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