How to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The Emergency SOS feature was announced back then with iOS 11. This lets you quickly contact 911 or emergency contacts without unlocking your phone. You can also assign Emergency Contacts, who will get a notification after you’ve rung emergency services. With it, you can make calls to emergency services and notify your designated emergency contacts of your situation and your location using the iPhone’s GPS. Here, in this article, we have discussed the simplest and straightforward methods to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

It calls emergency services – automatically using the proper number wherever you’re, which is particularly helpful when you’re traveling. When your emergency call ends, Emergency SOS sends a text message together with your location to any emergency contacts you’ve found out within the Health app. Finally, it displays your Medical ID for first responders, so they’re conscious of any information like medication allergies. (The Health app is additionally where you found out your Medical Identity-Info).

You can activate Emergency SOS by rapidly pressing the Sleep/ Wake button (as Apple calls it) on the proper side of your iPhone, between three or five times counting on the setting. Your iPhone will find out the right number to dial supported your geographical location and therefore the regional settings. In India, that number is now 112, which is incidentally an equivalent to most European countries. Once you’ve activated the feature your iPhone will, because the default setting, sound an alarm and begin a three-second countdown. this is often meant to offer you an opportunity to cancel the emergency alert, just in case you triggered it accidentally. After three seconds, the phone will dial the emergency services automatically.

Steps to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

In some of the countries and regions, you may have to choose the service that you prefer to keep under the Emergency SOS alert. For instance, if you’re an iPhone user in China mainland, you can choose services like Police, Fire, or Ambulance. As these are one of the most important services for anyone, you can choose any of these services in other countries as well.

Meanwhile, you add emergency contacts as well for the Emergency SOS system. As we already mentioned that if you add emergency services or contacts, they will get a call from you. After the call ends, they will also receive a text message containing your current location. Additionally, if you enter into the SOS mode periodically after enabling it, your emergency contacts will get notified with your location changes.

  • Press and hold the Side/Power button and one of the Volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider comes out.
  • Slide the Emergency SOS slider from left to right side to activate the feature.
    • Now, if you don’t want the Emergency SOS to automatically call emergency services or contacts when you slide the button, make sure to disable the auto call option.
    • Go to the device Settings > Emergency SOS > Disable Auto Call.

Stop Sharing Emergency Location

When you activate the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone, it reminds you to stop location sharing in every 4 hours for a full day (24 hours). In order to do this, tap on the Status bar > select “Stop Sharing Emergency Location”.

Cancel Emergency Calling

If you’ve placed the emergency call by mistake and want to stop calling, you can tap on the Call End button. Next, you have to confirm to stop calling.


That was it, this was the easiest way to Fix Common Calling and Texting Problems on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Are you facing any problems and issues with your iPhone 8 Series? Then there is nothing to worry about, we have an article dedicated to iPhone 8’s issues and guides. Here is the iPhone 8 Troubleshooting Guide. Although it’s rare, some cases of the issues on Apple devices may have bad hardware as the origin. If a factory reset won’t help in fixing your issue, visit your local Apple Store or Service Center so a qualified technician can examine the hardware. If needed, they may send it in for repair or replacement.

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