How to Become Famous in BitLife?

In today’s tutorial, we will help you become famous, well not in real life, but at least in BitLife! Highly regarded as one of the best text-based real-life simulation game, it has plenty to offer. To begin with, you have the option to set up the character right from his name, looks, gender, the country in which he lives, and other facial features. Once he grows up, so will your responsibility towards him. For example, make sure he remains healthy, avoid gambling and alcohol and other such notorious activities. Likewise, you should then enroll him in high school and once he graduates, make him apply for a job.

He could become a dentistcheffarmersocial media star, or even a President or Prime Minister. Apart from becoming an athlete, there’s no shortage of career opportunities as of now. But simply becoming any of the above without getting known by many people is quite monotonous and boring. The real challenge in the game is becoming a famous personality. As in real life, it is no easy task in becoming famous in BitLife. There are quite a lot of things to keep in mind before you start this journey of yours. In this tutorial, we will list out all the necessary instructions that will help you out in this quest. Let’s begin.

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How to Become Famous in BitLife?

Career option plays the most important part of becoming famous in BitLife. But that isn’t the only criteria. The effort in getting known by many of your Bitizens should begin right from birth. After that, some other decision needs to be taken while you are in high school or elementary school. Finally, the laurels rest of the kind of job you apply for. With that said, here are the complete instructions, one stage at a time.

Have a Good Personality

Looks do matter, well at least in BitLife, it really does. The first step in this regard is to choose a character with high look stats. If you don’t do so, then no matter how hard you try in the later stages, chances are you might not taste success. So once you have opted for a good looking individual, try and groom him right since birth. Many things need to be for that.

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To begin with, when you are young ask for pocket money from your parents and spend it on going to movies enjoying with parents among other things. This will help in maintaining a good health meter. Then when you grow up a little, get yourself engaged in some side work like freelancing. With the money that you earn, try, and spend them on maintaining your mind and body. For that, go to the gym, spa, and salon, or if nothing works out, go for the plastic surgery route.

Market Yourself

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Social media is perhaps the most useful tool in this regard. We have already compiled a guide on how to become famous on social media, refer to it right away. Furthermore, you could create your social account right from the age of 13. Although you wouldn’t be able to attract many followers starting at an early age will be of great benefit later on in your life. So head over to Activities > Social Media and start shaping up your virtual life.

Pick up the Right Job

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You could also enroll yourself in high school or go for higher education. Although it isn’t an absolute compulsion, yet studying will only increase your smartness meter. Furthermore, you should also try and be friendly with everyone, chat with your friends, and maintain a healthy social life. This will definitely come in handy in your quest to become famous in BitLife. Talking about the job prospect, it’s better to go to the entertainment industry. This sector will manage to raise maximum eyeballs and will help you out in maximizing your outreach. So you could choose Disc Jockey, Voiceover Actor, Puppeteer, Stripper, Dancer or a Pornstar.


So this was all from this guide on how to become famous in BitLife. Remember, gaining popularity in a short period is just not possible. It requires quite a lot of effort throughout the course of life. Work hard and you should have no trouble in meeting your objective. Just keep in mind three things: choose a character that has at least some decent level of looks, create your social media account, and go for the entertainment industry. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks that you should check out as well.

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