Can you Become a Famous Athlete in the BitLife Game?

In this tutorial, we will check out whether you could become a famous professional athlete in BitLife or not, and if yes, then how. Living a digital life, then are tons of things that you could try out. Right from when you take birth all the way up to your end journey, your complete life journey is into your hands. How you end up taking up a decision, shapes up your entire life. A single wrong decision and you could end up looking at the bleak future. Similar to real life, you don’t have to take any life decisions in haste. While in the former you might still try and change for the good, in the game, however, things are pretty different.

On that note, when you reach the life of adulthood, you will have to take up a job. This is one major area where people get confused. With so many career opportunities to choose from, people generally fail to pick up the job that might suit them the best. In this regard, we also compiled various career guides, including how to become a dentistcheffarmer, social media star, or even a President or Prime Minister and have control over Bitizens. Similarly you could also try out God Mode and get some special powers. So along the lines of all these careers, could you also become a famous athlete in BitLife? Well let us check it out and if the answer is in affirmative, we will also show you the steps to become one.


Can you become a famous athlete in BitLife?

If you are a sports freak, then you might definitely look out for the idea to become a famous professional athlete. Well if not famous, then just another sports athlete and then through hard work and dedication make a name for yourself. So the first thing you might do is head over to the careers section of BitLife and find the instructions that you need to become an athlete.

Unfortunately, it isn’t there. Yes, as of now you cannot become an athlete in BitLife, let alone a famous one. However, becoming famous is still very much possible. Although not as an athlete, but there are some other options available as well that will help you in this regard.

To become famous, try and become a superstar. For that, you will have to start a career as a DJ, actor, or pop star. Furthermore, making your presence felt on social media platforms is also highly recommended. For that, try and increase your fan following on social media. Keep this in mind and you should definitely be famous in no time.


So with this, we conclude thew guide on whether or you could become a famous athlete in Btlife. As mentioned before, this feature is yet to make its way over to the game. We hope the developer adds the said feature pretty quickly. As and when it happens, we will update the guide accordingly. In the meantime, you could still become famous, if not for athletes, then for other professions, as already mentioned. Likewise, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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