How to Fix Blueprint Bug in Call of Duty Vanguard?

Sledgehammer Games and Activision has come up with a new first-person shooter title called ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ that’s released for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC platforms. It’s the 18th installment under the Call of Duty series. Meanwhile, plenty of players have started reporting that they’re facing the Blueprint Bug in Call of Duty Vanguard which is really unfortunate. If you’re one of them, you can follow this guide.

Talking about the COD Vanguard can’t use blueprints bug, it’s basically preventing players from using the game’s blueprint on the “Identify of Obligation” stage. It has been hitting hard to the avid gamers right now and we’re assuming that the Sledgehammer Games team is aware of this issue. Even players have purchased the Ultimate Edition, the particular bug will still bother you from getting to in-game objects.

How to Fix Blueprint Bug in Call of Duty Vanguard?

Although one of the possible ways is to attain stage 4 to unlock custom-made classes then head over to the multiplayer mode and go to ‘Weapons’ > ‘Loadouts’ and resolve the custom-made classes, it seems that not everyone gets benefitted with this step. So, if you’re getting hit by this bug then we’ll recommend you contact or report the Activision team so that they can assist you or try providing a patch fix soon.

Additionally, you can try following some of the possible workarounds below one by one to check if the problem has been resolved or not.

1. Check COD: Vanguard Updates

An outdated game version can cause multiple issues whatsoever. Try checking for the Vanguard game update and install (if available) to enjoy a more stable gameplay experience.

  • Open your client on the PC > Head over to the COD: Vanguard page.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the Play option > Click on Check for Updates and wait for it to finish.
  • Once done, make sure to close the client, and reboot the PC to apply changes.

2. Reboot COD: Vanguard

It’s also worth recommending to restart the Call of Duty: Vanguard game on your PC to refresh the system. A temporary glitch may cause several issues in some cases.

3. Reboot the System

Try restarting the system to check for the issue whether it’s still appearing or not. Just click on the Start menu > Click on the Power icon > Select Restart.

4. Delete Cache Data

If the above methods didn’t work for you, then try deleting the cache data by following the steps below.

  • Close all the games first and then quit the client too.
  • Now, press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %programdata% and hit Enter to open the Program Data folder.
  • Open the Blizzard Entertainment folder > Head over to
  • Click on Cache > Select all files and delete them.
  • Once all is deleted, just reboot your computer to apply changes.

5. Repair COD: Vanguard Game Files

Sometimes a corrupted or missing game data can cause several issues with the game performance or feature not working on the PC. Try repairing the installed game files properly by following the steps below:

  • Open the client on your computer > Head over to the library and click on COD Vanguard.
  • Click on Options > Select Scan and Repair > Choose to Start Scan.
  • Wait for the process to get completed and then you’ll be able to play the game properly.
  • Once done, make sure to reboot the client to apply changes immediately.

6. Reinstall COD: Vanguard

If none of the methods worked for you, try uninstalling and reinstalling the COD: Vanguard game on the PC by following the steps below:

  • Open the desktop app > Select the icon for the Vanguard game that you want to uninstall.
  • Now, select the drop-down arrow icon next to the Play button > Click on Uninstall.
  • Wait for the uninstallation process to be completed.
  • Once done, make sure to reinstall the Vanguard game again by selecting Install from the appropriate game tab.
  • Wait for the reinstallation process as t will take some time.
  • Finally, you’ll be good to go.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.


  1. It’s frustrating not to be able to access blueprints you have paid for on COD Vanguard. How do you fix? Feels like a ripoff.

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