How to Fix Disney Plus Login Button not Working

If you face issues with the Disney Plus Login Button not working, I will troubleshoot the problem for you. Many users have reported this error while trying to log into their accounts. The login button stays unresponsive. This problem can happen irrespective of any browser you use. Interestingly, the user receives no error code. This further complicates the situation. There is no error code, so specifying the cause and implementing a suitable troubleshooting technique becomes harder.

I have devised various solutions to fix the issue in this guide. Disney Plus users discover some of the fixes and claim those fixes work. Apart from that, various simple fixes will make the login button work again. So, let’s get into the guide.

How to Fix Disney Plus Login Button not Working

Why does the Disney Plus Login Button not Work?

Here are a few primary reasons that can cause the login button to become unresponsive.

  • Restrictions set by ISP
  • IP of your device blocked by Disney Plus
  • Adblockers and other browser extensions are interrupting the login function
  • Active VPN is causing the Disney Plus login button to malfunction
  • Firmware corruption of your router

Working Troubleshoot Methods

Let’s look at the various working to troubleshoot that solve this issue of the login button not working.

Try to Use Your Browser in the Incognito Mode

A Reddit user says that by using the browser in incognito mode, the Disney Plus login button issue was resolved easily.

  • Launch your browser [all the major browsers have an Incognito mode feature]
  • Go to the button that triggers the menu and other settings options for that browser
    use incognito mode to fix Disney plus login button error
  • Then select New Incognito Window
    incognito Mode
  • Now, load the Disney Plus login page and enter your credentials

Disable VPN to Fix the Unresponsive Disney plus Login button

If you actively use any VPN but do not require it for Disney Plus, disable it. Normally, these tools have extensions in the browser toolbar. Simply click and deactivate them. Maybe Disney Plus is trying to block those IP addresses (mean your device being one) trying to use a VPN.

Try to Switch to WiFi Network instead of Using LTE.

While lurking around in Reddit, I came across another user who says the Disney Plus login works fine when using the device with a WiFi network. However, upon switching to LTE, the login button becomes unresponsive. If the fix works mean, there is no harm in trying it out. So, try to switch back and forth between LTE and WiFi to see with which connection you can log in to your Disney Plus account.

Fixing the Error Code 83

Earlier, I mentioned that in most cases, the users do not get any error code when they face the Disney Plus login button error. However, a few other users do see Error code 83, but it’s quite random. In the next instance, they face the log-in issue; no error code exists. Error Code 83 happens due to internet connectivity issues, server problems, or device incompatibility.

If you face the login problem and get Error Code 83, here is the complete guide to fix Error Code 83 on Disney Plus. Try this guide and see whether it fixes the unresponsive login issue. If the problem doesn’t solve, then move to the next workaround.

Is Disney Plus Server Down?

Now, if, for some reason, regarding fixing any technical snag or for some maintenance, Disney Plus servers are down, then you may face this issue. This problem with login will also happen if there is some bug that commonly affects various regions worldwide. Maybe the developers will take the server down for immediate patching of the issue.

Then how would a regular user know if the Disney Plus server is down or any problem has happened.? Well, for that, you have to head to You can use the search option to see if Disney Plus has any ongoing issues.? The platform will detail the error, which are the affected regions, the time frame during which the server was down.

check with Downdetector if Disney Plus server is down or not

Use the Glitch To Your Advantage

Some users have reported that if there is a temporary glitch regarding the Disney Plus login button, then you can try a neat little trick. On the login page, there is also a sign-up option.

  • First, click on the Sign-up Now button on the Disney Plus website
  • Then immediately click on the login button.
  • If you get redirected to enter your credentials, then do so and access your account with Disney Plus.

This trick did work for a few users. Try it out and see whether this makes any difference in solving the Disney Plus login issue.

Disable the Ad Blocker

This is an interesting troubleshoot that has fixed the login problem for a number of users. If you are using an ad blocker program, then either disable it or whitelist Disney Plus so that the extension doesn’t interfere with any function of the Disney plus.

Similarly, if you have installed any other plugins or extensions, try to disable them and see disabling which plugin the login problem gets fixed. Then keep that plugin disabled or remove it entirely from your PC.

Reset the Router

As I mentioned earlier, a corrupted firmware of the router may cause the Disney Plus Login button to go unresponsive. So, try to update the firmware of your router. If that is not possible, the only way left is to reset it completely. You can also call it a factory reset. As this is a reset, you have to create a new username, password, SSID, etc. All the old information will delete as soon as you reset the router.

  • Disconnect all the cables. Only keep the power cable in connection
  • Long press the reset button till the LEDs flash. Once they flash, release the reset button
  • Once the light of the power indicator turns green, connect the router to the PC and your internet provider’s cable.
  • Once the internet is available, open the website of Disney Plus. Try to log in to your account.

If the login issue was happening due to firmware corruption of the router, it should be fixed now.

Register Complaint with Customer Care

If none of the above troubleshooting methods worked for you, then the most ideal way to redress the problem is to register a complaint with the official customer care of Disney Plus. You can either send them an email or better if you describe your issues on their social media handles and then tag them or send them a DM. Then they will assist you and let you know what to do to solve the login problem.

So, that’s all about the Disney Plus login button error and how you can try to fix the issue on your own. Try these troubleshoot methods, and do let us know in the comments which method solved the login problem. I hope that this guide was useful to you.

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