How to Fix Windows 10 Dark Mode not Working Issue

Let it be Android or PC platform, I personally love to use my devices with dark mode activated. I mostly work during late evening and night times on my PC. So, my preference is an ambient screen experience that doesn’t hurt my eyes. So, dark mode is my friend when it comes to using gadgets like a PC or smartphones. Windows had long rolled out the dark theme for Windows 10. However, some users often complain that they don’t get to see the dark mode in the Windows File Explorer. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to Fix Windows 10 Dark Mode not working for the File Explorer.

I mostly use the basic File Explorer of Windows 10 search for my files and applications. Talking of dark mode, I would always prefer the feature in its entirety for my devices. Some users also face the issue of partial dark mode. So, to solve all that nuisance, let’s dive straight into this guide.

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How to Fix Windows 10 Dark Mode not Working Issue

let’s see what we can do to troubleshoot the issue of Windows 10 Dark mode not working.

Check the Windows OS Version

It’s important to check whether you are running an older version of Windows 10. Having said that, we must emphasize that dark mode is only existing for Windows 10 operating system. If you happen to run any older version of Windows OS then it won’t support dark mode.

Microsoft dropped the dark mode with Windows version 1809. So, you must be on this version or higher to be able to enjoy the dark theme feature. Otherwise, your PC won’t support the feature.

So, to check the Windows OS version,

  • On your PC, type winver in the Type Here to the Search box.
    Windows 10 Dark ModeAs you can see my PC has Windows 10 version 1909.  So, naturally, it supports the dark mode. Follow the same steps and check whether it is supported on your PC or not.?

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Install the Latest Software Update Available

Of course, when the device is not running on the latest version, it is important to install the latest build. You need to check whether any new software version is available or not.?

  • On your PC, click Windows+ I
  • You will be redirected to the Settings page
    Windows 10 Dark Mode Settings
  • Click on update and Security
  • Then on the next screen, you will see if there is any new update available.
    check Windows 10 version

In my PC, there are some updates available that I need to install as you can see from the screenshot. Likewise, if you ahve any pending updates, install them and make sure to reboot yourt PC.

Have you Applied the Dark Mode manually.?

On Windows 10, you have to manually set the theme to dark. The Windows 10 dark mode feature is quite simple to find and enable. However, a number of users may have no idea how to locate it and activate it.

  • On your desktop right-click > select Personalize
    Personalize display settings
  • Under Personalization,> Click on Colors tab
    enable Windows 10 Dark Mode
  • In there you will see an option Choose your color. You have options Light, Dark and Custom Colors.
  • To enable dark mode, select Dark. That’s it.

System File Checker to the Rescue

Sometimes the corrupted system files may cause some feature to not show up as intended. So, it is important to fix that. To do that we will take the help of the Command Prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Search Box
  • The give the command sfc /scannow
    fix scan for corrupt system files

Upon executing this command the system will carry out a thorough search for corrupted files. Then it will fix them and notify you.

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Try Modifying the System Registry

Do not go for this if you are not sure what you’re doing.

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run box.
  • Type regedit > press Enter to
  • It will load the Registry Editor.
  • On the Registry Window Address bar, type the following
  • Next, you will see some options. One out of that is AppsUseLightTheme, Right-click on it > Click Modify
  • Now you will see an Edit Value Dialog Box.
  • In the Data Value field, enter 0. (means zero)
  • Click on File > Exit

Now, the Windows 10 dark mode feature should have been activated.


If the above workaround did not yield any result, you can still try an alternative

  • Open up the Command Prompt
  • Enter the following command
    REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize /v AppsUseLightTheme /t REG_DWORD /d 0
  • Press Enter. Now, check whether the dark mode got activated or not.


In case any of the troubleshooting technique is carried out wrongfully by the user, and it results in some hardware or software issue on your PC, then GetDroidTips will not be responsible for the same. Follow the guide at your own risk.

Disable Third-Party Apps

Often installing third-party applications can also lead to the PC functioning strangely. So, you need to fix any such app you have if you think it may be affecting the dark mode.

  • In the Windows Search Box, type Apps and Features
  • Uninstall the apps you do not require
    Windows 10 Dark Mode troubleshoot
  • Post uninstallation restart your PC/laptop
  • Now, check whether the dark mode is getting activated or not.

So, that’s it, guys. This was a detailed insight into the Windows 10 Dark Mode not activating issue. If you are facing this problem on your PC, then try out these above-mentioned troubleshooting methods. We hope that you find the guide useful.

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