How to Play YouTube Videos on Your Amazon Echo

Well, you already might be familiar with Amazon Echo. It is a nice assistant for your everyday home automation or for ordering goods from Amazon. However, the Amazon Echo was never designed to be used as a Bluetooth speaker. But that changes today because now you can play Youtube videos on your Amazon Echo without any extensive efforts or crazy hacks. Earlier due to some sidelong hassle between Amazon & Google, most services from Google were not working on Amazon Echo. But now its resolved :)

Today in this guide, we will show you how you can actively run Youtube videos on your Amazon Echo. It is excellent news for original song listeners and podcast users. Since you don’t need the visual output for some videos and sound does the trick. And this trick also works on other Bluetooth enables speaker. We are sure that you will love this little extension as this will support Indie songs maker, podcasts, interview shows much exciting and enjoyable to listen.

Now You Can Play YouTube Videos on Your Amazon Echo

Now You Can Play YouTube Videos on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a fancy Bluetooth speaker which comes with all sort of perks such as a fancy alarm clock and ability to order anything online. It is a great add-on for people who are trying to get used to the Amazon ecosystem. Also, the best part is that it supports Alexa commands so you can do pretty much everything. From changing your living room lights to ordering a pack of chips from Amazon. You can do all of that with your voice using Amazon Echo. And the sound quality of the Amazon Echo is also very phenomenal.

Amazon Echo is not the only Bluetooth speaker as there is more variety available depending on size and functionality. Where Amazon Echo Dot is the smallest and most compatible, whereas Amazon Echo is slightly bigger, now let’s get to see how you can connect your Amazon Echo via Bluetooth so you can enjoy listening to Youtube.

How to Play YouTube on Amazon Echo Using Bluetooth

Since Amazon Echo is a virtual assistant, you might have tried asking it to play Youtube Videos. The Echo does not yet support it, so what you can do is to pair your speaker, and then you can play Youtube videos. But since Amazon Echo doesn’t have any display, you will only hear the songs instead! So the first step is to pair your Amazon Echo to your smartphone or tablet. And that’s very easy too! Follow this quick guide below:

First of all, shout “Alexa Pair Bluetooth,” this will put your Echo speaker into pairing mode so you can connect it with your smartphone or tablet.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and pair a new device there. You would see your Amazon Echo there, tap on it to pair.

If you’re using an iPhone, then the steps are the same as well. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and pair a new device.

So once your Amazon Echo is successfully paired with your device, you can start using it for media consumption. Simply shout, “Alexa, connect Bluetooth,” and it will connect with your device with a message, “Now connected to {your device name}.” Now you can play youtube on your device, and audio will come from Amazon Echo only. This is how you can play Youtube videos on Amazon Echo.


Amazon Echo is a great and smart Bluetooth speaker since it responds to your commands. However, the functionalities are very limited. You can navigate through media files by saying Pause, skip, previous, next, etc. Which is ideal for any Bluetooth speaker. Also, keep in mind that the youtube media playback will stop if you turn your screen off. So in case you don’t want that, consider subscribing to Youtube premium, or you can try other options such as Youtube Vanced APK, where you can listen to songs while the screen is off.

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