Fix: Hisense TV Not Switching On or Off

Hisense TVs are good brands. Its low prices have contributed to the franchise’s popularity over the years. In addition, don’t be fooled by its low prices since it still offers high-end devices. In many families, they are a popular choice due to their quality, durability, and lengthy warranty. It is well known that Hisense TVs are high-tech and high-quality. There are several types of Hisense TVs, including laser TVs, 4K UHD TVs, 4K ULED TVs, and HDTVs.

In addition to quantum dot technology, this company optimizes viewing experiences with this technology. But, right now, an error appears in the Hisense TV due to which the Hisense TV is not switching on or off. However, that’s the main reason why we are here. So, get ready to learn about some amazing fixes to resolve the Hisense TV not switching off or on error.

Fix: Hisense TV Not Switching On or Off

How To Fix Hisense TV Not Switching On or Off

You will learn not only how to fix Hisense TV, not switching off or on issues, but also how to prevent and take important steps to avoid these issues. In this article, we mention some of the most useful fixes that have previously helped users from around the world resolve this kind of problem. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the guide:

Fix 1: Reboot Your TV

There are times when your Hisense TV is not switching off or on due to some random bugs and glitches. Yes! This is an extremely annoying issue because people who are not technically savvy are not aware of these bugs. Nevertheless, you can remove those bugs, or temporary files, by rebooting your television.

Even though you may already have done this many times, we strongly suggest that you reboot your TV before performing any fixes to ensure you have a fresh new start in resolving the error. Hence, you can reboot your TV and see if it works again. 

Fix 2: Check For Power Interruption

It is possible that your HiSense TV has a power interruption if you have rebooted it but still receive the error. This issue is probably caused by a damaged power cord, so it is possible that the cord has some damage.

Hence, we suggest you make sure the TV’s power cord is thoroughly checked before turning on the power button. Nevertheless, if you notice one, you’ll have no other option but to replace it if possible. Most of the time, it is seen that the issue with the Hisense TV not switching off or on resolves itself after changing the power cord.

Yes, but! If the problem is caused by some internal hardware problem or any internal hardware is damaged, you should take your TV to the nearest service center and have it replaced (if possible); if it cannot be replaced, you should buy a new one. 

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your TV

You can try power cycling your TV once if you still experience the same error if you are still having the same problem. In order to accomplish this, turn off the power switch on your HiSense TV and remove all the wires and cords connected to it. Then, wait for about five minutes.

Next, you’ll need to plug in the cords and turn on the power. Check if the TV won’t turn on now to see if the problem has been resolved. It’s possible that this will help you resolve the issue since users have reported that this type of problem automatically resolves after power cycling their devices. Therefore, please give this a try and let us know if it works for you. 

Fix 4: Faulty Remote

Are you sure your remote works? Did you check it? There is a huge possibility that your HiSense TV remote might get damaged, preventing it from powering on your TV. Since most of the time, the remote’s battery gets weakened, and that’s why this issue occurs. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you first check the remote’s battery.

It’s simple enough to replace the batteries and test again whether it now turns on your TV if that’s the case. It is most likely, however, that the problem will get fixed if it is caused by a faulty remote.

You may also want to investigate your remote thoroughly for damage, as replacing or hard pressing the button won’t fix this problem if it’s internal parts have been damaged. 

Fix 5: Change The Power Source

Have you checked the power source of your HiSense TV? There’s a possibility that your electrical outlet or power source may have fluctuated, and you’re experiencing this kind of error. Therefore, use another device with the same power source to verify the power source.

If you do not see your TV working after trying another power source/outlet, you might try plugging it into another power source/outlet. It could be that the previous outlet/ source you are using has some fault if you can turn on the TV without getting an error message. It is, therefore, necessary to fix that source before using it. 

Fix 6: Check The Outlets Ports

If you haven’t checked the ports yet, we recommend you do so immediately to avoid having any issues with the port you’re using. Hence, you only need to check the power and HDMI ports to see if they are working.

Nevertheless, if you have an extra cord, you can try it. It is most often the fault of bad outlet ports that the issue occurs. Therefore, if your ports get damaged, you have no choice but to visit a nearby service centre and replace them.

So, that’s how to fix Hisense TV not switching off or on issues. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Furthermore, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know.

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