How to Catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) game released in 2016 where you can locate and battle virtual Pokemon. Available for the mobile platforms of iOS, iPadOS, and Android, the game is a collaboration between Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. You can catch over 150 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and one of them in the Shiny Helioptile.

To catch Pokemon, you will need Poke Balls. Using your GPS, the game will track your real-world location and check for nearby Pokemon. While regular Pokemon are relatively easy to find, Shiny Pokemon are on a different level. These are special pokemon that you have a better chance of getting if you own raid passes. So, let’s find out how to catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

Where to Find and Catch Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has several events from time to time to keep things interesting. These are for a limited time, and have decent rewards, so players should take advantage of them before they’re gone. You will be able to participate in these events by completing the tasks.

The new event in Pokemon Go is called Crackling Voltage, and it starts on the 27th of January. Players will be able to find and catch two new shiny variations of Pokemon, and one of them is for Helioptile. This is the first time that Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon, will be available for players to own as a Shiny. The Shiny version of Helioptile is deep red in color, which differentiates it from a regular Helioptile.

Helioptile is an Electric and Normal Type Pokemon which was introduced in Generation VI. it is vulnerable to Fighting and Ground, and resistant to Flying, Steel, Electric and Ghost Type Pokemon. It can be quite a useful Pokemon to have on your team. And as for the Shiny, it’s quite the achievement to bag it. Well, in the new Crackling Voltage event, that’s exactly what you will be able to do in Pokemon GO.

Catching a shiny Helioptile of your own is actually quite simple with the help of this event. Unlike other Shinies, you won’t have to spend hours looking for it. This is a way to ensure that everyone can get a Shiny Helioptile during the Crackling Voltage Pokemon GO event which starts very soon. There are four ways through which you can get the Pokemon, and these are detailed below.

Wild Encounter of Helioptile

Every encounter in the wild has a chance to be Shiny. While the event is still running, make sure to search in the wild for a shiny Helioptile. Using Lures, you can speed the process up further. Wild spawns have a 1 in 500 chance to be a Shiny, so you will need to spend some time on this method.

Field Research

In Pokemon GO, Field Researches are short missions that you can complete to get rewards You can get Field Research missions by spinning a PokeStop. Some of them are event-exclusive, so you will need to take up those if you want the opportunity to get Shiny Helioptile.

Egg Hatches

There is also the chance to get an egg where you have a chance to hatch a Shiny Helioptile. Look for a 7km egg for a higher chance of a shiny Helioptile with better stats. You will need to increase the number of steps counted in the game to hatch the egg.


The fourth method that you can try to get a Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO is to complete a Raid. Helioptile will spawn in 1-Star Raids, and starting from the release of the event, there is a chance for them to be Shiny as well. Note that you might need real money to keep attempting raids, as they require raid passes. The chance of getting a Shiny is 1 in 30, so we wish you luck on your side.

So, that concludes our guide for the Crackling Voltage event, and these are all the methods that you can use to try and get a Shiny Helioptile in the game at this time. Make sure to log into your Pokemon GO account so that you don’t miss the rewards. The event will run only for a limited time, and it might be the only chance to get a Shiny Helioptile While the process might be long and arduous, the result will certainly be worth it when you have the red-colored Shiny Pokemon of your own on display.

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