How to Improve House Condition in BitLife

Let’s check out the tips to improve your house condition in BitLife. One of the best text-based real-life simulation games, this one is quickly scaling the popularity charts. Well, the reason for the same is hardly anyone’s guess. To begin with, the game offers such a plethora of things to carry out, that you won’t be able to find a dull moment in the game. With interesting quests, missions, and intriguing gameplay, what else could one ask for? The game also beholds a plentitude of career opportunities, including becoming a vet,  chefdentistfarmer,  social media star, or even the President or Prime Minister of the country.

The type of career you choose ultimately ends up deciding your lifestyle. If you have an excellent smartness and intelligence bar, you could easily get into a high paying job. This will help you earn a more than decent living. While others might not be that lucky and might have to leave a simple life. Anyways, housing is among the first aspect of the game where players generally focus on. A big nice house is anyone’s dream, however, it ain’t that easy, not only in real life but in BitLife as well. But even then, there is no stopping you from improving your house condition in BitLife. Here is everything you need to know in this regard.

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How to Improve House Condition in BitLife

When you purchase a house during the initial phases of the game, you might not have the desired funds to make a hefty purchase. You purchase a small house that would just be enough to sustain a living. However, the thing is the conditions of these houses begin to deteriorate after some time.

So when you wish to sell it off at a later date to purchase a costly house, you wouldn’t be getting much in return. Therefore it is always recommended to keep the condition of your house in a better state in BitLife. If that’s not the case, then you should renovate it right away.

Head over to the Assets section of the game and check out the house’s condition. Or if you are going to buy a new house, then it is advisable to check its condition beforehand. A poor condition of the house is denoted by a red bar whereas the green bar denotes a well-maintained house. A good condition house will cost more than the poor one.

buy house

With that said, if you wish to carry out the restoration work on any of your property, go to the assets section of the game and select the desired property. The renovation one would be at the bottom among the various options available. Scroll to that feature, select it and shell out a few bucks from your pocket to begin the process.

Higher the amount you select, much better will be the repair work. Furthermore, it will also help you get more money once you sell it off shortly. So consider it as a direct investment- the more money you invest to improve the condition of your house in BitLife now, the better will be the return in the future. If you are short on funds, you could also take a loan.

So this was all from this guide on improving the house’s condition in BitLife. The above tips will come in handy the next time you head for restoration work. Similarly, these iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick will prove to be quite beneficial as well.

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