Instagram account has been disabled or blocked? How can you fix it?

Instagram is a widely popular social media platform around the globe. The software engineers and developers work day and night to ensure that the system is up and running without any issues. They have processes running all the time to flag and block potential spams. This is quite necessary considering the number of Instagram users worldwide. They are responsible for the security of so many people, and so they have set some rules for their site. If you break these rules, you will face the consequences.

A terms and condition pop up every time you open up any form of account on any site at all. Being as we are, we mostly skip on reading the terms and conditions, and later on, if for some reason, we end up going against the terms and conditions, we face a penalty. However, sometimes even innocent users or people become victims of this penalty. So in this article, we will see how to get your Instagram account back if, for some reason, you have been blocked by Instagram.

Instagram account has been disabled or blocked? How can you fix it?

Fix If Your Instagram Account has disabled or blocked

First, one needs to know that there are three kinds of blockage on Instagram, one is the permanent block, the other is the temporary block, and finally, we also have a limited temporary block. Let’s take a detailed look at all these blocks, and later we will see how to fix them.

Permanent Block:

As the name suggests, this is the worst kind of block you can encounter as a user. It permanently blocks your Instagram account due to violations of its Terms of Use. The recovery process for the account can be frustrating here as you might never see your account if you don’t have a solid case as to why you should be unblocked again.

Temporary Block:

This is a more commonly happening block where Instagram blocks your account due to certain spam activity. The restoration process is also fairly easy and quick here. In most cases, Instagram will lift the ban themselves after a time frame of 24 hours.

Limited temporary block:

This is different than the temporary block, as you can still use your Instagram account. However, your actions will be limited in terms of feed activity. For example, suppose you follow a lot of people in a short span of time, then you will be blocked from following new people for a while. Again, if you send too many likes to too many posts in a short span of time, then also Instagram will block you from liking any more content on your feed. In certain cases, Instagram imposes both this ban or blocks together and calls it “Action Block.” In this scenario, you can neither follow new people nor like the pictures and videos of your friends.

How to get back permanently blocked account?

As the name suggests, this is the worst situation you can be in terms of being blocked by Instagram. In the case of normal Instagram accounts, there is an algorithm running all the time, checking for extreme violations of their terms of use, which might include pornography, outbound links, spams, and so on. In the case of verified accounts, the suspected activity gets flagged, and a team of professionals review the activity and decide whether or not the ban should be imposed.

Now the algorithm is not always free from errors as a single bug is enough to screw it all up. So sometimes, the algorithm ends up blocking innocent people accounts permanently for no reason at all. Instagram is well aware of the fact that this might happen from time to time, so they have provided an option of support to the permanently banned users.

So as a victim, you can appeal to Instagram about the ban. For that, try logging into your account, and there you will see an option to appeal to Instagram to remove your ban. Just follow the procedure that Instagram asks from you for the appeal and wait for 24 hours to 2 weeks to get a response.

In the meantime, you will get an option to modify your account if you feel that some changes might result in Instagram choosing to lift the ban. This doesn’t mean that you should go around deleting all posts, stories, and so on, as Instagram probably has a way of viewing deleted content. Rather than deleting all, just delete the ones that you think could be the cause of the ban. It might make a case for you when Instagram reviews it and finds out that you have removed the violating content from your account.

How to remove the temporary block?

Instagram is created for humans, not bots, so if you use certain services like Auto liker and Auto follower, then you could be in trouble.

Imagine how it would feel if more and more bots came into Instagram, and the number of actual human users decline. This would mean the downfall of Instagram as a whole, and therefore, to preserve its integrity Instagram uses these kinds of blocks.

The most probable cause for this block is using services like Auto liker and Auto follower. Here they will log into your account and send out likes to thousands of strangers online. You will have no control over it, and as per Instagram’s policy, this is a complete violation of their terms of use. They will view your activity as spam activity and then temporarily block you suspecting you to be a bot.

Now there’s no actual solution here other than waiting. Just wait for a day or two, and the ban will be lifted. However, you need to make some changes so that you are not banned again. For starters, once you are unblocked, don’t go around liking and following people that appear in your feed. Instead, they have very limited activity on Instagram for a few days. Again change your password immediately so Auto liker and Auto follower services can’t access your account again, and you don’t get blocked again.

How to remove a limited temporary block?

This kind of block is similar to the temporary block and usually happens when there is a heavy activity of liking, commenting photos, or following people. Here you won’t be completely blocked out as you can see other people’s uploads and even DM them. However, you just can’t go around liking and commenting on other people’s posts or even follow some new people online.

To get rid of this block, just wait for a few days. In most cases, it is a 24-hour block, but depending on the activity, it can be of a longer time frame too. You can contact Instagram if you feel you are being blocked for no reason at all, but it is better to just wait a couple of days out. If the block persists for a long time, then appeal to Instagram about it and ask them to lift the ban. If you are not using any Auto liker or something like that, you should receive notification from Instagram soon, saying that your ban is lifted.

Instagram can be a platform to earn money, but violating its terms of usage is not the way to go about things. Just use Instagram in the way that it is meant to be used, and you will be free from any future account blocks from Instagram.


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