Locations of all Kolob 74941 and Kolob 74760 Upgrades in SnowRunner

Snowrunner not only puts its players in the driver seats of various vehicles in open environments, but it also provides upgrades to make the gaming experience even more interesting. Some of these upgrades are easy to find, while some are not as easy because they are hidden across different locations on the maps in the game, so they would take extra efforts to find.

We’ve published articles on how to find these upgrades as well as how to find the locations of the vehicles themselves which are hidden around the game’s environment, and in this article, I will be showing you how to locate the upgrades of two of the largest heavy-duty vehicles in SnowRunner: the Kolob 74941 and the Kolob 74760.

Kolob 74760 - SnowRunner

The Kolob 74941 is a hulking, mud-eating monster and it has over 10 metres of Russian steel on 8 wheels, making it easy for you to journey rough, muddy terrains with it. The Kolob 74760, on the other hand, is an all-around super-heavy tractor which offers good performance across various applications. It is also very reliable and straightforward in delivering cargo across complex terrains.

Kolob 74941 - SnowRunner

One good thing about the upgrades for these two vehicles is that they are hidden in the same locations, and can thus be found together.

Where to Find Kolob 74941 & Kolob 74760 Upgrades

The upgrades for these two vehicles can be found in the following locations:

    • Zimnegorsk in Taymyr, Russia.
      Find Upgrades in Zimnegorsk, Taymyr, Russia
    • Pedro Bay in Alaska, USA.
      Find Upgrades in Pedro Bay, Alaska, USA
    • Drowned Lands in Taymyr, Russia.
      Find Upgrades in Drowned Lands, Taymyr, Russia

If you’re wondering why there are no specific details on the locations of these upgrades, that’s because there isn’t. You have to drive around in the locations listed above, especially the positions marked on the map, and hope you stumble on the upgrades you’re looking for. Stay tuned, however, as we’ll be updating this article with more details as they emerge in coming days.

Which Upgrades can I find for Kolob 74941 & Kolob 74760 in SnowRunner?

So far, the following upgrades have been found in the locations listed above for the two vehicles:

    • KZGT-8 530 T: This engine upgrade was found in Zimnegorsk, Taymyr, Russia.
    • Advanced Special: This gearbox upgrade was found in Pedro Bay, Alaska, USA.
    • IMZ-8 520 AT: This engine upgrade was found in Drowned Lands, Taymyr, Russia.

These are the various locations where these vehicle upgrades are available in the game, so ensure you check them out, get your upgrades and keep on fighting all the hazardous elements in the game.

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