Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons Tier List Guide

Armours and weapons play one of the most important roles in any role-playing action game. The same is the case with Minecraft Dungeons, as it features a really great amount of weaponry that players can equip and fight within the game. Testing out each of these weapons and fighting enemies in the game can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is why you need help finding what’s best in the game already.

In this guide today, we’ll narrow down all the different weapons available in the game based on Tier. Below in this guide, we’ll list three different tiers and the weapons that are best to qualify for this list under the three tiers. This way, you won’t have to test out the different weapons yourself to find what’s best. Instead, choose what feels ideal from the list of best weapons below. So without any further ado, let’s look further into Minecraft Dungeons’ best weapons tier list.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons Tier List Guide

Best Tier-S Weapons

Elite Power Bow

The Elite Power Bow is ideal for taking out enemies from a distance. Along with its great damage rate of 107-213, the Elite Power Bow is a kill house! This particular weapon comes with 2 effects – Strong Charged Attacks and Greater Damage. Adding Rapid Fire and Piercing enchantments to the Elite Power Bow will give it an insane boost in speed and damage. You can find this weapon at Fiery Forge and Highblock Hills.

Dark Katana

Next up, we have the Dark Katana coming in at a damage rate of 121-178. If you are facing troubles with the undead enemies, the zombies, then the Dark Katana should be your ideal choice. This weapon stands against the zombies, dealing extra damage to the undead. Don’t get me wrong though, it does perform well against other enemies but not just as good as the Elite Power Bow. But if you need to take advantage over the zombies, then the Dark Katana will surely come in handy. Adding Chains and Gravity enchantments to this weapon will help you swing the sword through multiple enemies at once, allowing you to take out a group of them simultaneously. You can find the Dark Katana in the secret chests of the Creepy Crypt and Creeper Woods.


Frost Scythe

Compared to the above two weapons, the Frost Scythe comes in at a far lower damage rate that is 78. However, if you manage to use this weapon by taking advantage of its effects and enchantments, then the Frost Scythe will surely blow the enemies away. This weapon features 2 effects – +2 Soul Gathering and Slows Mobs. This means that the more souls you gather, the more damage you’ll deal to the enemies, and it slows down the enemies as well. You can combine all this with the Shockwave enchantment, which helps you deal with a horde of enemies like an AoE attack. Head over to Pumpkin Pastures or Desert Temple and search the secret chests to find this weapon.

Best Tier-A Weapons

Guardian Bow

Guardian Bow is similar to the Elite Power Bow so you can add this as an alternative. This weapon comes in at a damage rate of 66-199 with similar effects as the Elite Power Bow. However, this weapon features Super Charged Arrows so combining it with the Supercharge enchantment will deal with even more damage. You’ll find the Guardian Bows at the locations of Pumpkin Pastures or Cacti Canyon. 


Featuring a damage rate of 66-199 and fiery effects, the Firebrand is simply powerful and stylish. This axe deals pretty good damage to the enemies and its effects will set them on fire! We suggest you to use the Rampaging enchantment with this weapon since its speed is pretty low. To get your hands on one of the Firebrands, look for them in Creeper Woods or Highblock Hills. 

Hammer of Gravity

The damage rate of Hammer of Gravity is relatively low when compared to the other two weapons in this Tier. This weapon has a damage rate of 86, which is capable of dealing damage to a group of enemies. The best thing that makes this weapon to qualify for this list is its gravity pull. This effect of the weapon can pull enemies like a magnet, and by combining tactical moves, you will get the most out of this weapon. Simply use the gravity pull to pull in the enemies, use the Chain enchantment to group them together, and use this weapon to deal damage to the whole group! The Hammer of Gravity is a drop at Fiery Forge or Obsidian Pinnacle.

Best Tier-B Weapons

Diamond Pickaxe

The Diamond Pickaxe serves a better purpose than fighting your nightmares. This weapon only has a damage rate of 82 but is actually designed for something else – Emeralds. Emeralds are your hope of survival and this weapon will find them for you. You can use the Smiting or Sharpness enchantments to give this weapon an extra damage boost. Head over to Creeper Woods and you’ll find this weapon there.

Sun’s Grace

Sun’s Grace is an ideal choice in online multiplayer for those looking to heal their friends. The Sun’s Grace serves no purpose of attacking the enemies but healing your friends. The damage rate comes in at 56-77, which heals all allies in an area. Though we couldn’t find this weapon dropping anywhere in the game, it is possible that a blacksmith at the camp will craft it for you.


Summing up our guide, we have three different tiers of weapons. In this guide, we have listed 3 weapons each for Tier-S and Tier-A, and two weapons for Tier-B. Each of these weapons is unique in some way of their own and ranges from ranged, close, and AoE attacks. Choosing your ideal weapon is up to you, so choose wisely. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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