How to obtain Netherite Ingots in Minecraft

With the most recent update in Minecraft, we are now able to witness an ore that is stronger than Diamond. For over the past 10 years, Diamond has been the ultimate goal for players of Minecraft but now, the developers decide to turn the table. And with the latest update comes the Minecraft Netherite, the strongest ore, dominating Diamond in its 10 years of dominance.

Today in this guide, we will be taking you through the process of obtaining Netherite Ingots in Minecraft. The Netherite Ingots in the game is the essential resource if you plan to craft tools or weapons of the Netherite form. So if you’re wondering how to get the Netherite Ingots, you’ve come to the right place. Without any further ado, let’s see how to obtain Netherite Ingots in Minecraft.

How to obtain Netherite Ingots in Minecraft

The Netherite Ingots in Minecraft cannot actually be obtained since it is a completely crafted element in the game. Crafting the Nether Ingots is not an easy process as it needs something specific. This is the Netherite Scrap. To get the Netherite Scrap, you need:

  • A Diamond pickaxe
  • Nether Portal

If you’re wondering how to get the Nether Portal, you can simply create one by mining 12 Obsidian. Now, why a Nether Portal? Because this is where you need to find Ancient Debris, a pre-requisite for crafting the Netherite Scrap. So now you know this is going to be a bit tricky and a lengthy process. So once you have your Nether Portal, go through it. Once you’re inside, dig deep down to find Ancient Debris. This is a really rare element in the game so finding them can be hard.

A Nether Portal in Minecraft

An easy way to find Ancient Debris is to press F3 and bring up the coordinates. After pressing F3, you’ll be able to see the X, Y, and Z coordinates on the left-hand side of the screen. All you have to remember is that chunks of Ancient Debris will spawn at Y-axis 8-22 at Y-axis 8-119, so start digging. Once you do find them, you can only get them by using the Diamond pickaxe, which is going to be really slow as well.

Ancient Debris in Minecraft

After you get hold of plenty of Ancient Debris, return back, use any fuel source, and start smelting them to get the Netherite Scrap. One Ancient Debris will produce only one Netherite Scrap and you’ll need four Netherite Scraps to get Netherite Ingots. Once you get all for Netherite Scrap, combine them with 4 Gold Ingots to finally obtain Netherite Ingots.

Crafting Netherite Ingots in Minecraft

Summing up our guide, we now know that obtaining Netherite Ingots in Minecraft is not really a straightforward process. Considering the guide, you need a lot of resources, rare and common, to obtain the Netherite Ingots. For this, you first have to obtain Ancient Debris and smelt them into Netherite Scrap. Then, combine 4 Netherite Scraps with 4 Gold Ingots to finally obtain the Netherite Ingots in Minecraft. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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