How to troubleshoot ‘Phoenix Point’ crashes in Windows 11, 10

A purely strategy-based video game, which is most popular worldwide, is ‘Phoenix Point.’ Users find it exciting and strategic game-play. It is available for Mac and Windows. Some of the Windows 11 and 10 users find crashing this game while playing. This issue is a generous problem with the ‘Phoenix Point.’ Here, some sort of information is provided to troubleshoot ‘Phoenix Point’ crashes in Windows 11 and 10.

The majority of crashes in ‘Phoenix Point‘ occur due to several game bugs. Inconsistent and discrepant game code gives rise to the issue of getting forcefully into the crash. For tackling this kind of error, your device must be beyond the minimum requisition for the game-play.

Phoenix Point

What is ‘Phoenix Point’?

‘Phoenix Point’ is a strategy video game developed by ‘Snapshot Games.’ This game has released in late 2019 for Mac OS and Windows OS. It arrives at XBOX and Play Station in 2020. This game is projected to be the devout descendant of the X-COM series, which has been created in the 1990s by the time head of Snapshot Games. ‘Phoenix Point’ brings you in 2047 on Earth amid an alien incursion. The game starts from alone base, ‘Phoenix Point,’ and faces a mix of strategic and tactical challenges to save them.

You have to run your ‘Phoenix Point’ game on a level upgraded from the minimum system requirements. If you do not want to get your game crashed, then you are recommended to use upgraded features. Minimum system requirements for ‘Phoenix Point’ are:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 8 GB with dedicated video RAM of 2048 MB
  • OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10, 11

How to troubleshoot ‘Phoenix Point’ crashes in Windows 11 and 10

You need to verify the game client application if you are looking to have some solution for the ”Phoenix Point” game to not let it go into the crash. You have to protect your game from getting into a collision. Here some of the settings are mentioned below, which allows your game-play not to go for a crash. Some optional solutions are also provided for your game when it has gone into a collision.

Run ‘Phoenix Point’ as administrator:

Your game might face errors due to restrictions in processing. You might run your game into administrator mode to allow all the control over its settings and performance. Windows will not refuse the game access in specific directories if you have provided the administrator controls to it. You can follow these steps to run this game as an administrator:

  • First, locate the ‘Phoenix Point’ launcher
  • Right-click on it to see the context menu
  • Click on the ‘Run program as an administrator.’

This procedure allows you to open your ‘Phoenix Point’ game in admin mode when you want to play. You can also permit it to open administratively always. For this, you must proceed as follows:

  • First, locate the ‘Phoenix Point’ launcher
  • Right-click on it to see the context menu
  • Click on ‘properties.’
  • Proceed to ‘compatibility’ tab
  • Check the ‘Run program as administrator’ box
  • Click on the ‘Apply’ button and then click on the ‘OK.’

If the problem persists, then you must proceed to the quick restart of your system and then again give it a try. If the error has not been solved, then you can follow the next method.

Terminate unnecessary programs:

If your system is compatible or robust to run ‘Phoenix Point’ without issue, you might still allow it to run after disabling all other unnecessary programs. Terminate all the other programs by following these simple steps:

  • Open the Task Manager application by right-clicking on the taskbar
  • You can also use the short key ‘Ctrl + Shift + Escape’ to open the task manager
  • Select the program you want to close
  • Click on ‘End now’ to restrict running
  • Now run your ‘Phoenix Point’ and enjoy error-free game-play

Verify the game files:

Sometimes, the crash happens due to corrupt game files. It occurred when game files got unusable or broken. You have to verify and alter some of the packages to get your game out of the crash point. Some data might get to be deleting, which needs to be upgraded in the package as you upgrade to newer game files. There are some steps to verify the game files for ‘Phoenix Point’ in Epic Games Launcher:

  • First, you have to open the Epic Games Launcher application for checking the files
  • Open the app and click on ‘Library’ on the top-left corner
  • Click on ‘Phoenix Point’
  • Click the ‘settings’ icon on the top right corner
  • Now, you have to click on ‘VERIFY.’
  • Epic Games Launcher will now troubleshoot errors in game files
  • Restart your PC once the verification is complete
  • Now open ‘Phoenix Point,’ and if the issue is still happening here, then you might get forward to the next procedure.

Update graphics card driver:

There has to be a must-needed graphics card with updated drivers to enjoy the ‘Phoenix Point.’ You must have some issues with your graphics card driver if the game has gone into crash itself. Check your graphics card drivers and get them updated. Follow the procedure to check and update your graphics card driver:

  • Press ‘Windows key + S’ and search ‘Device Manager.’
  • Open ‘Device Manager’ and proceed to ‘Display Adapter.’
  • Click on the expansion icon for ‘Display Adapters’
  • Locate the graphics device and right-click it
  • Go to ‘Update Driver’
  • Now, click on the dialog ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
  • Now, after the installation of updates, restart your computer and enjoy your game.

If the problem still occurs with ‘Phoenix Point,’ then you can also update your graphics drivers from the official website of your system service provider. Download and install the latest graphics drivers to enjoy the ‘Phoenix Point.’

Other troubleshooting methods:

There are many more ways to repair your ‘Phoenix Point’ game if a crash occurs while playing. You can follow any of these methods to fix your game.

Reinstall ‘Phoenix Point’:

  • Press ‘Windows key + S’ and search for ‘settings.’
  • Proceed to ‘Apps’ in settings
  • Now locate ‘Phoenix Point’ and right-click on it
  • Click on ‘Uninstall’ button and hit ‘Yes’ on a pop-up to uninstall the program
  • Restart your device and again download and install the ‘Phoenix Point.’

Reinstall the game launcher application:

  • Press ‘Windows key + S’ and search for ‘settings.’
  • Head towards ‘Apps’ in settings
  • Now locate ‘Epic game launcher’ and right-click on it
  • Click on the ‘Uninstall’ button and hit ‘Yes’ on a pop-up to uninstall the program
  • Reboot your system and again download and install the ‘Epic game launcher.’
  1. Download Windows updates
  2. Use low graphics settings for the game

‘Phoenix Point’ is a game-play that has a massive set of followers worldwide. The crash is not just a big deal to resolve. There are multiple reasons behind getting a collision while playing ‘Phoenix Play.’ Follow the methods mentioned above to solve the issue where you get the problem. Sometimes restarting your game or the system might solve the point of the crash. If the issue goes beyond it, then you can follow the above-mentioned and tested methods to get rid of the problem.

You can also proceed to have technical support from the other end. The technical support for ‘Phoenix Point’ is very reliable and competent. It might take some time to get your issue solved. You can troubleshoot errors on the users’ end if you apply one of the relevant procedures to get back to your game. And check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksAndroid Tips and Tricks, and other sections with similar articles, so be sure to check them out too.

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