How to Become a Pilot in BitLife

Today, we will show you how to rekindle your dreams of becoming a Pilot in BitLife. There are a countless number of things to be carried out in this real-life simulator game. This is what makes this game quite interesting, to begin with. Right from your birth up to your journey to the grave, it gives you a plethora of opportunities. And updates like the God Mode is something that furthers boasts its popularity rating. Likewise, the game regularly receives updates, welcoming new features onboard. On top of that, there are quite a few career opportunities that you could make full use of.

For example, you could start your job as a dentist, work in the hotel as a chef, or head over to the farm and start a career as a farmer. That is not all. Being a social media star is also very much possible in this game. Taking this even a step further, you could altogether become a President or Prime Minister. And now it is the time to touch the skies. That is, you could now also become a Pilot in BitLife as well. Today, we will show what all prerequisites that need to be met before you head over for this job. So without further ado, let us begin with the tutorial.


How to Become a Pilot in BitLife

Well, we all know how difficult it is in becoming a Pilot in real life. It seems BitLife is no different either. Quite a few users are voicing their concerns over this across various online platforms.

How to become a pilot on BitLife? from BitLifeApp

So if you are sailing on the same boat like his, then the below tips will come in handy. To begin this journey of traveling to exotic locations, you will have to keep your smartness level pretty high. This is the most important requirement in this quest. Keeping on reading many books, study hard in school, and always be among the top rankers in the study. The better your skills will be, much higher will be the chances of your application getting accepted in the University.


Now, this is where comes a rather weird part. When you are about to enter the University, you will have to choose either Psychology or Biology course. Choosing a medical course for the job of a Pilot, well ours guess is only good as yours. But anyway once you choose between any of these to subject, stick to the routine of continuous study. Study hard, keep your smart level at a much greater height, and never miss a single class. Do so until you graduate, and then you will have to apply for medical school. Again don’t ask why you need to go to a medical job for the post of a Pilot, this is how things go out in BitLife it seems!


Once you have been enrolled in the medical school, continue doing the same thing that you have been doing up to this point. Study hard, be among the top-rankers and keep your smart stats at the pinnacle. Apart from this, there are a few other things to keep in mind. The top one in this list requires you to maintain a safe distance from all black and illegal activities. If you go to jail, then your chances of becoming a pilot in BitLife will take a serious dent. Similarly, avoid gambling and alcohol throughout your lifetime, after all, it’s never a safe idea of hiring a drunk pilot!

airline captain

On a serious note, once you have graduated from the medical school, head over to the Career section of the game and look out for the Pilot Trainee job. Well, here’s the difficult part. This job is available at the first try is purely based on your luck, so begin counting your stars and hope for the best. On the flip side, if the pilot job isn’t available as of now, then you will have to keep refreshing this job page after every few years, During this waiting period, it is better if you get your engaged in some side business for extra income. But keep in mind that the business you are about to do is legal and wouldn’t end up landing you in jail.

pilot careers

Now when you see the Pilot Job in BitLife, hit the accept button at that instance itself. Keep on working hard every day and see your career path taking up an upward curve of success. Also, try and maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers and superiors. All this combined and there will be a much higher chance of getting an early promotion.


With this, we conclude the guide on how to become a pilot in BitLife. To summarize, you will have to start smart, maintain this smartness throughout your life, go to University and select either Psychology or Biology, then enroll in a medical school and finally search for the job under the career section. If you follow all these methods, well then there’s no stopping you from becoming a successful pilot, at least in BitLife! Before you end up this journey, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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