How to Fix PS5 HDR Washed Out Issue

Playstation 5 is one of the best gaming consoles you can buy right now. With the amazing controls and exceptional gaming performance, PS5 has been the number one choice among games. The console comes with advanced features, which makes the gameplay much more interesting than traditional PC gaming. These include features like online gaming,  playing with a console, and HDR gaming which enriches the gaming display output. But from time to time, users do complain regarding HDR issues with their Playstation consoles.

The most common issue is PS5 HDR washed-out issue. In this issue, the display output seems to be a little washed out even when you turn on the HDR feature. There might be a couple of reasons why this is happening, and here are some troubleshooting ways to fix it.

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How to Fix PS5 HDR Washed Out Issue

How to Fix PS5 HDR Washed Out Issue

Gaming without HDR capabilities is no fun as you need contrast and vibrant colors to enjoy the gameplay. Many display units come with the HDR+ feature, which enhances the default HDR feature even more. If you are facing any HDR-related issues with your PS5 console, the problem is most likely with display configurations. Here are some troubleshooting methods you can follow one by one to fix the issue.

Clean TV surface

Sometimes the reason why we blurry or washed out pictures on the display is due to dirty surfaces. In some cases, the cleaning catalyst we use to clean the surface makes the surface bit dusky with time. So, make sure you clean the surface with a proper glass cleaner solution and see if this fixes the issue.

If you recently bought a new television, you have to remove the protective sheet layering. All-new display units now come with a plashing sheet lamination covering, which protects the display from minor scratches during the shipping process. So check whether you have removed the thin plastic film as it might be the reason behind the washed-out display.

Restart devices

If you applied new changes to HDR or display settings from PS5 or on your display peripheral, it’s a good idea to restart the devices. Whenever we change the settings, a new handshake is required between the new settings and the hardware. So reboot your devices and see if it fixes the issue.

Re-connect display cables

If you are not using the wireless display, then you probably are using connecting cables like HDMI or VGA to transfer display signals from your PS5 console to your display unit. But all of these connecting cables need proper cleaning especially if they have dust collected inside their connectors. So please reconnect the display cables after cleaning them with a soft brush.

Adjust PS5 HDR

Playstation 5 console has different display controls which help users to customize the HDR settings which work best with their display units. If this is not configured properly, then you will face multiple issues like screen bleeding, colors not matching, color fade washes out colors, etc. You can adjust the PS5 HDR settings as follows:

Open the “Screen and Video” menu from “Settings.”

Select “Video Output” and then the “Adjust HDR” option.

How to Fix PS5 HDR Washed Out Issue

Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the brightness until the symbol in the box is barely visible. Once you are done adjusting, you can test out the HDR in a game.

Change RGB Range

Most of the issues relating to incorrect or washed-out HDR colors on the PlayStation 5 are due to a mismatch of RGB ranges of the game console and your display unit. First, set the RGB settings to default from your display unit, then follow the below procedure to change them in your PS5 console.

Open the “Settings” menu and navigate to “Screen and Video.”

How to Fix PS5 HDR Washed Out Issue

Select “Video Output” on the left side and then “RGB Range” on the right side.

Select either the “Limited” or “Full” option instead. Check if changing these settings affects the color output on your display unit.

Change PS5 Video Transfer Rate

Transfer rate for any display unit helps it understand how to show the colors to the viewer. If this is not correct, the colors will be either too much saturated or will appear dull. So you need to troubleshoot this setting and finetune it to work with your particular display.

  1. Go to “Settings” and navigate “Screen and Video.”
  2. Select “Video Output” on the left tab and then “4K Video Transfer Rate.”
  3. The default option is “Automatic.” Select either “-1” or “-2” instead and then test out the new setting in a game.

Disable HDR Enhance feature

In some smart display peripherals, there’s a special feature that you can enable to enhance the colors of the image. This is commonly known as enhancing more of HDR+ mode. If this mode is enabled, then the HDR display signals from your PS5 console will be distorted, and maybe that’s the reason you are facing a PS5 HDR washed-out issue. So open the display settings and menu and disable such modes.


As you see, the issue of PS5 HDR washed out the issue is mainly due to poor display configurations. All display units come with their own set of HDR settings. So if you are not able to configure the settings, it would be nice to get in touch with the customer care representative. If that’s not the case, the above method will help you to troubleshoot the problem easily.

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