Rainbow Six Siege Players Report 0-0x00000001 error, Is There A Fix?

Rainbow Six Siege is a leading online tactical shooting game, with a growing fanbase. But if you are a veteran Rainbow Six Siege player, it is more than likely that you once encountered the error code 0-0x00000001 or the “updating security measures” error.

While error code 10-0x00000 is a reference to an issue with the Ubisoft servers, the Rainbow Six Siege 0-0x00000001 error code is a bit different. It means that Ubisoft’s anti-cheat, BattleEye, did not launch or there was a launch in its error. So, it would be best if you had a fix for it, which we will discuss here.

Rainbow Six Siege Players Report 0-0x00000001 error, Is There A Fix?

What is a Rainbow Six Siege all about?

It is an online shooter video game, which has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. You can play it on different platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

The game has great dynamics and focuses heavily on coordination skills between players. On top of it, you get different gameplay modes like rescue missions, bomb delusion, and achieving objectives.

Apart from this, there is also an offline mode on offer that allows you to play short missions called “situation” where you can go solo. These missions also have a broad, interesting storyline running behind them about recruits undergoing training and preparing for a future encounter with the “White Masks” terrorist group for the safety of the world.

The game’s player base has increased significantly since Ubisoft adopted the “games as a service model” and started offering downloadable content for free. The company also partnered with ESL to make Six Siege an eSports game. As of December 2020, Six Siege had a huge user base of around 70 million gamers.

How to fix the Rainbow Six Siege 0-0x00000001 code error?

What’s the use of a brilliant game, unless you can play it in the first place? So, if you have encountered a similar issue, just follow the given fixes to troubleshoot this error –

  1. Restart your game and now check if the error has got resolved.
  2. Reset the game: Open your Settings, navigate to System, then select the Apps & Features, locate Rainbow Six Siege, and choose Advanced options before clicking on Reset.
  3. Activate the 2-Step verification Authenticator on Ubisoft Connect and check if this fixes the issue with the error code.
  4. Run RainbowSix_BE.exe as admin to fix the Rainbow Six Siege 0-0x00000001 error.
  5. If you are running the game through Stream, navigate to the game directory and delete the BattleEye folder. Later, tap on the Properties tab in Steam to check your files trough.
  6. Sometimes, your graphic card drivers may be outdated and stop supporting Rainbow Six Siege. You can update your graphic card drivers to fix this problem. In fact, you should keep updating them periodically. If your graphic card drivers are not updated, you may start facing performance lag or crash issues on your device.
  7. Your Operating System must also be up to date to properly support Rainbow Six Siege. If you want a smooth and flawless experience, we recommend that you keep checking for new Windows updates on your PC or laptop. These updates could do wonders by resolving the error code issues or even improving game performance dramatically.
  8. Sometimes background applications or third-party software running in the background can interfere with your gaming experience, and lead to launch issues. So, you can try clearing all background applications and third-party software operations. Try playing the game again and your issues may get sorted.
  9. Finally, if nothing works for you, there may be a technical glitch with the game itself. So, uninstall and reinstall Rainbow Six Siege and see if this fixes the error code problem.

So, that is all the fix for the Rainbow Six Siege Players Report 0-0x00000001 error. For more troubleshooting guides, follow GetDroidTips!

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