How To Take A Screenshot From YouTube Video

Youtube is the most popular free video streaming service that is out there. Information is released daily on Youtube by people. Moreover, Youtube has a huge database. There are plenty of things that you might like on a random Youtube video. For example, you like a wallpaper that is shown in the video. You now want to have the wallpaper, but you don’t know how to download it from Google or from anywhere else. Here you can utilize a screenshot tool for Youtube video to capture the wallpaper in an image file.

Suppose you think of taking a screenshot from a video for any reason. In that case, you first have to go to the youtube video>settings and select the highest possible resolution of the video. You have to select more pixels because when you take a screenshot, the quality of the picture degenerates. Therefore you will want your picture to be in the best resolution. After you have amped up the resolution, you can proceed to various methods from which you can have a screenshot. The methods are mentioned below.

How To Take A Screenshot From YouTube Video

How To Take A Screenshot From YouTube Video

There are various ways to take a screenshot of a youtube video. Since video is essentially multiple frames stacked together, you can easily pause a video and take a screenshot accordingly. But if you’re not familiar with how to take screenshots, then you can follow these methods.

Method 1: Using the Snipping Tool

If you are using Windows, chances are the Sinping tool is already installed on your system. You can utilize it to take screenshots of your screen. You can select three modes: the fullscreen mode, selected area mode, and grab the current window mode. Moreover, you can add delays to the execution of the screenshot.

If you use the snipping tool for Youtube video screenshots, select the area mode and continue.

To launch the snipping tool on your system, type snip on the Windows search bar, and the application option will be displayed. You can click it to open the snipping tool. To take a screenshot, click on the mode, select free form snap and click on the new option.

Use your cursor to select the area, and it’s done now. You can save it in the directory of your preference. To perform a quick Screenshot, you can click the alt+Print Screen button on your keyboard.

Method 2: Use an online free Website

There are plenty of Websites that offer to convert Youtube videos. You can use one of them to crawl into the Youtube Video, select the frame you want, and then it enables you to download the files as a jpeg.

Click on the link here to visit the Website.

Now click on the upload button if you have to download the video, or you can paste the YouTube video URL, then continue.

Once the site scans the video and its every frame, you must select the frame. Then you will have to choose the format, select jpeg, and click the create button to download your file.

Method 3: Using Browser Extension

Extensions are sort of applications for the browsers to perform a specific task. There are many extensions for youtube screenshot available for popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and edge.

However, Turn Off the Lights Browser extension is a reliable extension that supports multiple browsers. First, you will have to download the extension from your respective extension store.


After you have installed the extension, you will have to enable the Video Toolbar. Therefore, go to the Turn Off Lights Options page, go to the Advanced options tab, enable Video Toolbar under the label Video Toolbar, and you are good to go.

A toolbar will now be visible when you play any video. You can click on the camera icon to take screenshots. Moreover, you can also edit your screenshots.

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