How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival Role-Playing Game (RPG). With every passing checkpoint, the game gets more intense and challenging, thus becomes hard for the players to survive, making the game even more interesting. It features a large open world. To get the most out of the game and get supplies to survive, you’ll need to go through the places on the map. You’ll need a vehicle to cover a big part of the map.

You might get a vehicle easily, but you’ll have to find one in good condition that can survive long. Unlike Grand Theft Auto (GTA), to start a vehicle, you’ll either need to find the key or the ability to hotwire the vehicle. The next thing you need is some gas. Thanks to the developers who have given players the ability to siphon gas from cars. So, you can use other vehicles (which are also in bad condition) to get your vehicle up and running.

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

In this article, we’ll look at how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid. But before that, we’ll need something to store gas in. So, here’s how to find a gas can in Project Zomboid.

Here’s How to Find Gas Cans in Project Zomboid

The container for storing gas in Project Zomboid is called a Gas Can. Thankfully, getting empty cans is not a tedious task. There are places where you are almost certain to get at least one gas can as loot.

  1. Inside garages and tool sheds: Getting to a garage or a tool shed is easy if the doors are open. But if it’s not, either find the key or break the windows (if it has one) to enter. Do note that breaking windows can hurt you. So, make sure you are carrying bandages.
  2. Inside the vehicle: After you somehow get to the driver seat, unlock the rest of the car and the rear side. That side of the vehicle has a good chance of getting a gas can.
  3. Gas Station: This is the best place to find an empty can. Any shelf or container here has a good chance of spawning a gas can as loot. You’ll get at least one empty can in every gas station.

Once you’ve found an empty gas can, you’ll need to equip it to one hand of your character. You can do so by going to the inventory. Find the gas can option, right-click on it, and select equip secondary.

How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid

Well done! You’ve grabbed an empty gas can. To siphon gas in Project Zomboid, go near a vehicle and press V to open the radial menu. If the vehicle near you has gas in it, you’ll see the option Siphon Gasoline. After you click on the option, your character will automatically move to where the gas is located and start filling it in the gas can.

If you don’t see the Siphon Gasoline option after getting near a vehicle, it means that the vehicle has no gas. Now, you should move to another vehicle to siphon gas.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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