Project Zomboid Best Traits For Beginners

Project Zomboid, the post-apocalyptic survival game has received a lot of appreciation as the majority of the user base seems to be highly satisfied. The game features a pretty straightforward storyline where the world has been infested by zombies.

And as the main character, you will have to survive as long as you can trying to make things right. Although the storyline might not sound much appealing, the gameplay certainly does. Project Zomboid brings in a completely new concept, where you will have to focus more on maintaining a balance rather than just becoming an overpowered invincible Assassin.

The game basically focuses on a balancing scale that demands the players to maintain stability between their positive and negative traits. Traits are nothing but the different kinds of abilities that your character will possess. It is always good to maintain either a neutral or a positive trait balance.

However, as a beginner, out of so many available traits, it is always a difficult task to choose the best ones. So, to help you out, we have brought the best traits in Project Zomboid to help you shape a powerful yet balanced character.

Project Zomboid Best Traits For Beginners

Project Zomboid Best Traits For Beginners

Well, Project Zomboid offers a total of 44 traits with special abilities. Out of these, it has 27 positive traits and 17 negative traits. Each trait certainly possesses a different set of abilities making them uniquely stronger and weaker in their own way.

Hence, the toughest task for any beginners in Project Zomboid is to select the ideal traits keeping a perfect balance of both. And so, to help you out, we are here with the best traits in Project Zomboid that every beginner should go for as they start their new adventure.

Project Zomboid Best Positive Traits

As we start our list of the best positive traits in Project Zomboid, let’s first have a look at the best positive traits that you can opt for.

1. Keep Hearing

One of the best things about Project Zomboid is that it features a whole lot of realistic concepts right within the game. One such example is the vision cone in Project Zomboid. Just like in the real-life world, you will only be able to see up to a certain area. Players cannot see what’s at their back, which can indeed be a dangerous thing as even a single scratch from the zombies can be fatal.

Fortunately, the ‘keep hearing’ trait allows you to hear noises as something approaches very close to you. This adds further realism to the game making it more interesting. Keep hearing also doubles your perception radius allowing you to identify noises and immediately take action. This is indeed a life savor that saves you in many such sneaky situations.

2. Lucky

No matter how good things might be, humans never say no to some luck. And as such, Project Zomboid also offers you a special positive trait that simply increases your luck. As you go for loot in any zombie-infested area, you will come through many obstacles. But you still need to overcome everything and make a successful loot just to save your life. Like any zombie movie, Project Zomboid never fails to surprise you in the toughest situation.

Often you will come through situations when you will have trouble finding the items that are most essential to you at that time. Well, this is because some of those items might be just beside you, i.e., if you are lucky. While most of the time, they are located somewhere far away making things even more complex for you. But why not just make our luck a little more favorable while we can.

The lucky trait basically increases your chance to find a rare or say the most essential loot by around 10%. And you can surely use this trait to save your life while you are on the run during a crisis.

3. Fast Learner

A good memory is something much required in these realistic games. Fortunately, the Fast Learner trait helps you in that case. This trait increases your XP by 130% making you an extremely intelligent character. Thus, you will get help in developing skills at a much faster rate that will further help you save your life. However, you should note that fast learner only boosts your XP for your skills. It does not do the same thing for Strength of Fitness.

4. Wakeful

You are in a place full of zombies that are on your hunt. And as such, you cannot really think much about sleep or resting. The more hours you give on the loots, the more time you will be able to stay alive. However, being a realistic game, it also demands an adequate amount of sleep to keep up with your help. To maintain everything in order, the wakeful trait comes in handy.

Wakeful simply reduces your required sleep time by 30%. This offers you some extra time to focus on the loots and get all the essential items you would require to stay in a stable condition.

5. Dexterous

As you are playing the role of a scavenge who relies on the loots to stay alive, there is a lot of dragging of the items in your inventory. Unlike other games, Project Zomboid makes it difficult by not making things instant for you.

As a result, you will need a lot of time dragging in and out the items that you have collected in loot. However, the Dexterous trait can make things somewhat simpler by increasing your transfer rate by almost 50%. Thus, it will save a lot of your time and effort as you are on your adventure.

Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits

No one likes negativity for sure, but still, we need some at times just to keep a regular balance in life. The same concept also goes with Project Zomboid. There are many negative traits to choose from.

However, choosing the ones that could be easily overcome with simple efforts and also maintaining the balance at the same time is all we need. With that said, here are the best negative traits in Project Zomboid you would be interested to look into.

1. Underweight

Starting off with the first one on the list, we have Underweight. Now, just by its name, we can simply say that it’s not something any of us would want. Neither in real life nor in Project Zomboid. Yet, it counts as the best negative trait as it is really easy to eliminate its weaknesses just by eating well. So, if you maintain a good diet throughout your adventure, you would be fit enough to survive even with such a negative trait.

2. Slow Healer

The name itself gives us a clear image of this trait. The slow healer will heal all your injuries at a slower rate than usual. Be it severe damage, just a scratch, bites, or fractures, it will certainly take some extra time to heal. However, the trait does not apply to exercise fatigue which is indeed a good thing.

3. Weak Stomach

This is so far the best negative trait in Project Zomboid that you can count on. Weak Stomach is something that can be avoided even without taking any major precautions. In the world of Project Zomboid, characters suffer from weak stomachs only when they intake rotten foods or not well-prepared foods. So, just by avoiding that, you can easily avoid this trait as well.

4. Smoker

Although it is mentioned as a negative trait in Project Zomboid, it is in fact a positive trait if you look from the other side. If you have successfully maintained a well-built character throughout your journey, you can easily turn this from a negative to a positive trait.

As you will be dealing with tons of monstrous creatures to survive each day of your life, it will indeed be a very stressful journey. Perhaps, a strong supply of cigarettes might help you cool down this stress as you take them from time to time.


A well-balanced character has more chances for longer survival in Project Zomboid. Fortunately, a good and stable blend of positive and negative traits will help you maintain balance throughout. You can go through these positive and negative traits as mentioned above.

They are so far the best traits you can go for in Project Zomboid. While the positive traits help you grow stronger, the negative traits can also be avoided easily. Thus, it will help you maintain a slightly positive balance or neutral at the least.

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