How to Stop iPhone from Sleeping or Display turning off automatically

You may like it or may not like, you definitely cannot ignore an iPhone. While some users think iPhones have the best tech, some beg to differ. Nevertheless, every year Apple’s premium smartphones always manage to top the hype game during their release timeline. Over the year Apple has managed to improve under-the-hood and hardware of their iPhone series. iPhones are literally becoming the efficient replacement for camera, book, mini-computer, video-editor and what not. However, the cool piece of gadget sometimes nags users with minor troubles. Sometimes users trying to make the most out of their iPhones face an irritating issue of iPhone display turning off. We also refer to this sleeping of the device. In this guide, we will tell you how to Stop iPhone from Sleeping. This means what are the necessary techniques you can implement that will stop the display of your device from turning off automatically.

Stop iPhone from Sleeping

How to Stop iPhone from Sleeping or Display turning off automatically

Your iPhone can be unlocked with one stare or touch of a finger. However, it’s better to look at some ways that will stop the iPhone from Sleeping abruptly.

Raise to Wake

Apple’s fancy piece of gadgets come with this feature called Raise to Wake. It’s a simple motion sensor-based feature that will turn the screen on when a user lifts the iPhone. This means you don’t have to press a button on the device screen. This feature is available since the times of iOS 10. You can activate it quite easily.

  • Go to Settings > tap on Display & Brightness
  • Tap on the Raise to Wake Toggle to enable it.

Setting the Night-Shift feature

Night Sight is the same as Night Mode we know on AndroidOS. To ease the strain on the user’s eyes during the night or low-light use, Night Shift is very helpful. Here is how you can set and schedule it.

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness
  • tap on Night Shift
  • If you want Night Shift to activate automatically at a particular time and for a certain stretch of the time limit, you can do it.


You can even make use of the GPS to automatically detect the sunrise, sunset and activate the Night Shift automatically.

How to get rid of the iPhone Auto-locking issue.?

Let’s consider some situations when you are using the iPhone to read a book or streaming some music. In case you had to leave your device for some moment, you notice that the device locks down. This happens due to the smaller lock screen time. You have to increase the time. This is how you can do it.

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness
  • tap on Auto-Lock
  • You can set the time-limit to a longer duration so you can Stop iPhone from Sleeping


If auto-brightness Settings is activated, then the iPhone will dim a little bit before locking down. This you can keep in your mind and keep your phone working just before it locks down.

So, these were the various simple methods you can use to Stop iPhone from Sleeping or display turning off. We hope that you will find this guide useful.

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